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7 Common Myths About Cats You Should Not Believe

Jul.28.2020 229
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Not all cat owners’ beliefs have anything common with reality. Some myths are very easy to dispel.

  • Cats, which spend time only at home, are not protected against infectious diseases. That is because the owners themselves – on clothes or shoes – can bring the bacteria to the apartments. The risk of getting sick increases if you have a dog, which often walks outside, in one room with a cat. Use vaccinations to keep your pet safe.
  • Another myth is that cats always land on their feet with no health consequences. Experts assure you that the congenital reflex, which is responsible for turning your pet face down in the air, does not always work because of his/her fright or shock. However, the collision with the surface may be too harsh for the animal.
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  • Cats do not treat themselves by eating grass outside – they just try to cause vomiting to get rid of lumps of hair in their stomachs.
  • The cat is unable to speed up their healing by licking wounds. Often this can only make things worse for your cat as the wound can grow and suppurate because of bacteria that live in a pet’s tongue.
  • Nowadays, mostly domestic cats get attached to humans more than to places. In the past, when animals lived mostly on the street, it used to be the other way around.
  • Cats are no longer enemies to dogs. Today two types of pets can get along well with each other. A cat is more likely to conflict with another cat because of territory or food, not with a non-aggressive dog
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  • Finally, the belief that fish, sausages, and milk are the best food for cats is also a myth. You should feed animal special cat feed that contains balanced mineral nutrients. Another option is suitable for pet natural food but not «human food».
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