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A National Cat Health Month To Care About Your Pet Better Than Ever Before

Feb.12.2021 233
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Do you want your adored pet to live a long life with you, making you happy every day? That is why it is very important from the very first day to monitor and care for your pet and, if it is necessary, visit the veterinary clinic to observe its health. During these checks, some tests and important vaccines need to be done. This will help you identify diseases, if any, at an early stage.

The most important thing in the good health of any animal, not just a cat, is its nutrition. It is selected by the veterinarian individually for each breed, size, and activity. For example, kittens are recommended to be given special dietary light food. Then, you can switch to adult food but it is very important to do this gradually! An improperly chosen cat diet, as well as not fresh or low-quality food, causes stomach problems. Therefore, be careful and attentive to what and in what quantities your cat eats.

Before you go to work, leaving your cat play at home alone, try to hide any wires and small inedible objects it can swallow. Cats can find any items to play with, such as ropes and springs, so make sure they only have pet-friendly toys.

If you think that cats like humans need to have their nails cut every week, then it is better not to do this at all. The lack of claws causes problems with their growth and unpleasant pain. It is better to buy a special toy where it can sharpen its claws all day long.

Also, many cats need time to explore a new home and space on their own. A hiss may be a sign of this. If your cat hasn’t gotten used to the house yet, give it time, and don’t overload it with love. Perhaps this is not what it wants now.

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