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A Perfect Toy for Your Furry Cat

Feb.09.2021 310
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It is not said in vain, the appearance of a pet in a family is equivalent to a second child. Exactly like a human, it needs love, attention, and care. And what can be better care, than a properly selected toy that will bring joy for a long time?

So, what should it be like? The first most important fact is, of course, safety. We advise cats to play only with pet-friendly toys, which you can find at any pet store in the city you live in. But don’t let cats play with such things in your house as clips or pins, ribbon, string, plastic rings, and rubber bands… The second equally important fact is its universality so that it can play with it whenever it wants: at home, outside during a walk, or for example on a trip.

For the Most Active

Large soft toy with legs and a tail, that your cat will hunt all night, or a small one for carrying around

Want Diversity?

Catnip-filled toys are fun to rub

No Time To Go to a Pet Store?

Here is a list of toys that you have in your house:

  • Ping-Pong balls, if you are a fan of tennis or you can replace them with plastic rolling balls
  • Paper bags, that can be a great distraction when you are busy cooking in the kitchen
  • Paper towels, if you are ready to spend some of your time on cleaning after
  • Round plastic shower curtain rings

Finally, your pet must have many different toys for all occasions: to bite, scratch, roll or “kill”.

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