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For you, this website can look like just storage but for us and our readers, it is a special place. Some people consider their pets as toys, not leaving beings or kids. They usually don’t know how to take care of their cats, cure them, or even how to feed cats… In such conditions, cats are in extreme danger and their health can be harmed.

Why are we doing all of this?

That’s why we try to gather as much information as possible to make your cat happy and healthy! We are doing all this stuff because of the following things:

  • We all have cats and that’s why we share our experience and knowledge with each other and spread it through the Internet;
  • Our team wants to help every cat owner and his/her beloved pet. That’s why our articles occur the vast part of typical questions as well as interesting life stories;
  • We are making a small community to learn new stuff, share our cats, organize communication to know more about pets. We just like to explore new fields of knowledge!

Who are our readers?

  • We have hundreds of visitors to our blog. These people are searching for answers, ways to solve their cat issues, new information about breeds, and ways how to treat their cats properly!
  • We have over 1300 social media users on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube that are supporting us since August 2020. We provide interesting and unique content here.

What can you find here?

Breeds: what should you know about the types of cats? As much you can because every breed is a special one. We have written dozens of articles about breeds to make sure you will know exactly how to take care of your precious one.

Lifestyle: cat owners and other people are like completely different species. While heads of people are busy with work, what to cook today, and where to go with lovers, the mind of a cat owner is always busy with one thought – CAT! What is my cat? Is it normal? Why does he or she licks me? What should I do so my cat stopped biting me?! Let your mind stay cool – read this part of the blog.

Health: we publish all sorts of helpful tips to help your pet feel good all the time, we are taking information from cool specialists/veterinarians/doctors with advanced experience. Our articles are TOP by the content and resource of the information.

Coaching: would you like to teach your cat to act as you like? You can read nice guides and recommendations to make your cat the greatest one!

You can work with us!

Our team has three ways how you can promote your products and services throughout The Cool Cats Club!

  • Sponsored posts – do you have a cool website that you want to recommend to our readers? No questions and hesitation – we can help you! You can offer your own text, or our staff of editors will take care of this task 🙂
  • Product reviews – if you have a cool product, we can describe it and add an active link to your site so our readers can buy it from you 😉
  • Social media account/group – if you handle some community on social networks or running on the business account you can write to us about that, too 😛

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