About us

Mankind divides into two categories: people who love dogs and those who prefer to have a cat at home. Our audience consists of real cat lovers. 

Cats are the animals that complement and fill up our whole lives. There are no animals in the world that are better known and loved. How delightful it is to come home in the evening and just hug your fluffy friend. If you think it’s just a word, probably you’ve never owned a kitten. Words can’t describe these feelings, you only have to feel them.

All cats are very different, the same as we are. They’re playful, wayward, independent, and very gentle and tender animals. Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand or raise them up. But we should understand that kittens are the same children – capricious, naughty, inexperienced little lumps that experience the world and need our love and support. And adult cats have formed individuals who don’t get to be better or more beautiful due to their life experience and environment.

Our main tasks is to be attentive to the cats:

  • to take care of and to love them;
  • spend time together;
  • to help in difficult situations.

If you have recently become the owner of a wonderful cat or kitten and if you want to be aware of developments of cat life, we are pleased to welcome you on our page. We will tell you all about cat’s nutrition, education, and care in our articles. Also, we’ll keep you informed of all the interesting events in cat life.

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