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Abyssinian Cat: History, Temperament, and What Does an Abyssinian Cat Look Like

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Abyssinian breed

Do you want to get a cat, but do not know which breed to choose? Read Abyssinian cat information and maybe this is the perfect choice for you. This is one of the most popular breeds. Owners feel love from pets and respond in kind. Find out a lot more!

Short Info about Abyssinian Cat

  • Origin: Ethiopia (Abyssinia);
  • Height: 8-10 inches;
  • Weight: 6-12 pounds;
  • Temperament: sociable;
  • Coat: short length with brown, gray, blue, etc.
  • Lifespan: 9-13 years.

Abyssinian Cat: History

There are several legends about the origin of this breed, most of the time they were considered the descendants of Ancient Egypt. According to historical references, the Abyssinians are the most ancient type of cats. During the excavations of the most ancient cities of Egypt, mummies of cats were found, carefully wrapped in cloth and buried in gold and silver boxes. The preservation of the mummies allowed the researcher to conclude their similarity with this breed. In 1868, the wife of an English officer brought an Abyssinian cat from Ethiopia to England. One of the earliest breeders in the late 19th century was Sam Woodiweiss. His work was continued by his son. They soon exported many Abyssinians to the United States, where the breed became very popular and in demand. It was officially recognized in 1887. In the middle of the 20th century, the breed was at risk of extinction. Therefore, in 1960, breeders set about restoring the population.

Abyssinian Cat: Characteristics

Abyssinian Cat: Characteristics

The Abyssinian is a real friend in the family, its presence in all matters in the house. It is often compared to a dog because of the dedication it shows and the choice of play. Let’s find out what character traits and how cats of this breed look like.

Abyssinian Cat: Temperament

Abyssinian cats display a high level of intelligence and curiosity. That is why they try to research their new home as soon as possible in order to choose a vacation spot. They have high social skills because they get along well with the owner, children, and other pets. However, try to hide toys after play when your pet cannot see them. Due to natural observation, the cat mat tries to get the toys on its own. This is a strong Abyssinian cat personality, therefore, it may try to manipulate you. Try not to go all over the pet. Establish a framework for behavior. By Abyssinian cat’s behavior, it is easy to understand what mood your pet is in. It would either flatter you and meow, or it would go offended to its lair. Cats of this breed can play with absolutely all objects in the house: bottles, toilet paper, etc. Therefore, protect your home and your pet.

What Does an Abyssinian Cat Look Like?

The Abyssinian has a very short and coarse coat, incredibly soft and shiny to the touch. In recent years, the difference in the type of Abyssinians of European and American breeding has become more and more noticeable. American cats have an oriental appearance, that is, a lighter skeleton, larger, and wider set ears, a less strong chin. European cats have retained the smooth lines and proportions of a “real cat”, a more muscular body.

Abyssinian Cat: Colors

Only four colors of cats are officially recognized in the USA:

  • Reddish-brown. The coat is ticked in various shades of dark brown or black with the darkest tips of the hair and an orange-brown undercoat. The tail is tipped with black. The color of the belly and the inside of the legs should be in harmony with the main color.
  • Red. The coat is a rich, warm glowing red, ticked chocolate brown with darker tips and a reddish undercoat. The tail is tipped with chocolate brown.
  • Blue. The coat is a warm beige, ticked in various shades of bluish-gray with darker tips and a pinkish-beige undercoat. The tail is tipped with bluish-gray.
  • Brown with white (like coffee with milk). The coat is warm pink-beige, ticked light brown with darker tips, and a pinkish-beige undercoat. The tail is tipped with light brown.

In Europe, animals are also bred with colors based on red, as well as all varieties of “silver” color that are not recognized in the United States.

Abyssinian Cat: Size

Abyssinian cat’s weight is about 6-12 pounds. And height — 8-10 pounds. This active cat is usually of medium size. And male and female have a slight difference.

Abyssinian Cat: Health and Care

Abyssinian Cat: Health and Care

In general, this is a healthy breed, but some problems are possible in these cats. For example, a gum infection. Regular oral hygiene would help to prevent this disease. But the dislocation of the patella is a hereditary disease. Its treatment is possible only with the help of an experienced surgeon. Despite its high activity and energy level, the cat of this breed does not need special care. It has a short coat and does not require daily attention. Do Abyssinian cats shed? The molting process cannot be eliminated, so yes. However, add extra baths with a special shampoo to the weekly brushing. This would be enough to cope with the Abyssinian cat shedding. Check the Abyssinian’s ears regularly to be free of contamination and infection on the inside and outside. Caring for a cat also includes an annual vaccination against viral diseases, rabies, and de-melting. Even if the cat is at home, does not walk down the street, it must be done. Don’t forget to check out the kitten vaccination schedule on our blog.

Do you know some interesting Abyssinian cat facts? Here is one of them — a cat of this breed was a representative of the feline family in the movie “The Cat From Outer Space” (1978). Share the facts that you know in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon!

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