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Adopting a Cat From the Shelter

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There are different ways to get a cat. You can buy it, pick up on the street, or take it from the shelter. In the first case, you pay money to the breeder and get full information about the health of the cat, its pedigree, advice about nutrition and maintenance. This is a very convenient and carefree way. But what if you want to pick up an animal from the street or a cat shelter? We have already written about what to do if you pick up a kitten from the street, and today we’ll see how to adopt a cat who has lived in the cage of one of the shelters for some time. It’s important to make contact with a cat from the shelter.

For example, you have already read the site of the shelter and watched a kitten (or an adult cat) which you want to take home. It would be better if you visit your chosen pet once or two times before taking it home. You shouldn’t expect that your cat will show you signs of attention immediately. An animal may have a sad experience with its former owner, so you should accept this fact. Every time you come to the shelter it will get used to your presence, smell, and voice. Your friendship will become stronger over time, don’t worry.

Learn the Cat’s Special Traits of Character

All cats are very different. There are very playful and affectionate purrs that like to be in the sight of their owner all day long. They are active and disobedient. Other cats, such as Persian, are independent and inactive during the day, quiet and loyal friends. All these nuances must be taken into account and you need to understand that you are kindred spirits.

Cat’s Life Story

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Somehow the cat ended up at the shelter and it means that the pet has its own life story. In order to better know the cat, you should find out what it’s been through, what stressful situations, or maybe someone has bullied/hurt it. Ask the shelter staff or handler about all of this.

Keep in Touch With the Shelter Workers

Each shelter has curators who take care of a particular animal and socialize it. These people know everything about their wards: their character, habits, and needs.

The curator will be only too pleased to receive information that the pet is safe, it is fed and it’s being looked after. If you have some questions you can always ask the shelter representative. They are always ready to answer and make it easier for your pet to adapt to their new environment.

Adopting a Cat to Your House

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There is an argument that dogs become dependent on people and cats to their place of living. And many cat owners confirm this fact, subsequently, the adaptation of a cat can be absolutely different according to the nervous system of the pet.

Usually, this process lasts on average 2-4 weeks. Cats need time to sniff out and get to know everything. So don’t be surprised if your kitten sits under the chair during the daytime and it begins to explore the surrounding area at night. Do not be angry and be patient about it.

Cat Nutrition

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A new house is stressful. People are divided into two types when they are under stress: some can’t eat at all, while others fill their fear or depression. A cat is likely to have the first reaction – it may not eat at first. You do not have to force it to eat at least a piece of fish. Just put the bowl of food where you want the cat to eat and wait.

It will be easier for the cat to eat at night when there are less fuss and unnecessary sounds. If it doesn’t start to eat, you should try smearing liquid food on its face or paw. Don’t worry, the hunger will become stronger than fear and a cat will approach the bowl.


The staff of the shelter, as a matter of course, are required to treat cats for worms, fleas, and other parasites. But you need to understand that cats are usually all in one cage and there is a high probability that a healthy pet can get infected again.

Therefore, it is important to repeat a course of treatment once again in order to prevent it. But before that, you’d better consult the veterinarian and he will tell you what is best for your cat. Ask the doctor about vaccinations and sterilizations.

We have described the main stages of adopting a cat from the shelter. You can also find various information on forums, books, or websites where people share their experiences. This will make it easier for you morally and you will know how to proceed in one or another case.

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