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Adopting a Kitten: What Is the Best Age To Do It?

Aug.10.2020 224
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Moving or housewarming is perceived differently by people. For someone, it is a pleasant time but for others, it’s stress and emotional experience. What if you try to look at the situation from an animal point of view, a cat for example? How do they feel when people are taking them home to a new family? Do cats of various ages have a different interpretation of moving? In this article, we will tell you at what age a cat is best to adapt to a new environment.

You have to be serious and prepared for the arrival of a kitten or adult cat. People (in many developed countries) get paid for it to shelters – in this way, they show the seriousness of their actions.

A three-month-old is the best age to adopt a cat into a new home. Many believe that a kitten has already formed a character by this time. But if you don’t have a choice, it’s not a big deal. Ideal cases rarely happen. In truth, moving is always stressful for any cat. A small kitten can be brave and an adult cat can be aggressive and afraid or vice versa. All cats are different. In fact, many things depend on the owner.

Let’s make it clear what you have to do to make your future kitten feel comfortable.

The Cat Transfer

getting a kitten

You should buy (or borrow) a cat carrier in advance. Traffic-induced noise, new /strange sounds, and smells might scare your cat. If you have a chance to transport your cat by car or taxi, that would be great! Public transport is full of different conversations, smells, and other ambient noises. Take an object that belongs to your cat (toy, blanket, cat’s bowl) which will make your cat feel better.

Home Environment

If you plan to bring the cat during your holiday or at the weekends, you have the chance to adapt your cat more comfortably and calmly. There are a few nuances that will help to minimize stress for your cat at home:

  • Limit the space.
  • Warn all family members.
  • Acquaintance with other pets.

Some owners say that adult cats are more careful than kittens in a new home. It can take a month or more for an adult cat to adapt. Kittens, on the other hand, are ready to conquer the universe and they are ready in search of adventure. Whatever cat comes to your home, it’s best not to rush these things and try to spend more time with your pet.

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