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After Celebrating Valentine’s Day, Don’t Forget About Love Your Pet Day

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love your pet day

It turned out many people don’t know when is national love your pet day. But every year on February 20, this cute, as well as, the important day is celebrated. Almost all of us have pets, and they are very diverse: beginning with cats and dogs, ending with mini pigs and lizards. According to statistics, on average, every second family in the United States has a pet: 60% are dogs, 47%- cats, 12%-fish.


A man was able to tame wild animals during the Stone Age and later began to use them as a labor force and take them on a hunt. An interesting fact is that out of 140 thousand species of animals, only 47 thousand have been tamed. The first of these animals was the wolf, the ancestor of the modern dog. As soon as people realized the barking of dogs scares away other more dangerous animals from their homes, they began to use dogs as protection from enemies. Since then, the dog is the man’s best friend and helper.

Why Do We Celebrate Love Your Pet Day 2021?

love your pet day 2021

The essence of the celebration is to develop in people a sense of responsibility for all life on the planet, including pets. Unfortunately, people often buy a pet based on spontaneous rash desire, even without having studied the information on how to keep a pet, not to mention the health issue, which is the most important part.

After all, it is not enough just to feed or walk your pet on time, animals require constant care and attention. It is also necessary to care about the health of the pet, visit the vet on time and do special vaccinations. We must not forget about people around us, trying to do everything possible, so that keeping the pet does not cause inconvenience to the neighbors. As a result, people lose interest in the future and throw them out into the street, not worrying about their fate.

An animal founded itself on the street becomes completely helpless, and then dies from hunger or infections. It also happens that a once affectionate and obedient animal, in harsh outdoor conditions, becomes aggressive and can cause a danger to passers-by.

Various foundations and animal rights activists hold on this day many different events aimed at protecting animals from violence, flash mobs are organized to support the development of shelters, and large-scale exhibitions of cats and dogs are also held. And what you can do for your pet today- to please it with useful and pleasant gifts:


Every pet will love delicious food. The dog can be given a special tooth brushing bone, which cleans the enamel from plaque. And the cat will love the meat delicacies.


What pet would refuse a new toy? These can be interactive toys in which you can hide food, educational toys to improve a pet’s memory, skills, and instincts, and frisbees or balls for walking.

Other Accessories

A good idea is a new collar or leash. You need to choose a model depending on the size and breed of the dog, as well as the lifestyle. And cats can be given a new scratching post: a post itself, rug, or board.

Loungers and Houses

Cats and dogs also want to have their cozy corner, where they can relax or sleep. Then, a soft lounger would be an excellent choice. And the house is suitable for cats and small breeds of dogs.

New Wardrobe

To protect your dog in the cold season, dress it in warm overalls, and do not forget about shoes. And if your pet is not used to shoes, then you can use a special paw wax, which also serves as a protective barrier for delicate skin.

Visiting the Grooming Salon

SPA procedures are loved not only by people but also by pets. For some breeds of cats and dogs, grooming is a necessity. Such a procedure can be done both in a salon and at home. You will need brushes, combs, shampoos and conditioners, ear and eye cleaners, oral hygiene products.

Of course, gifts will delight your pet, but it will be much more pleasant if you spend this whole day with it. Here is a list of love your pet day activities:

  • Dog yoga. This direction has appeared quite recently but has already gained popularity. The essence of yoga is that the owner performs the exercises using the pet as additional weight or support.
  • Photo session with the pet. Show all your imagination and organize a thematic photoshoot, preparing funny family looks.
  • A lesson with a dog coach. Spend time learning new useful commands or correct your dog’s unruly behavior.

Happy national love your pet day!

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