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American Curl Cat Breed Characteristics: Where Is It Come From

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American Curl Cat Breed

You probably know that there are easy-going people, those who do not lose their positive attitude throughout their lives. In other words, despite different difficulties and life experiences, they look at the world from the “glass-half-full” perspective. However, not everyone knows that pets are no different. The American Curl is one of those cat breeds. This breed does not like to spend time alone, because it needs company – the owner’s, another cat’s, or even a dog’s. Let’s find out other characteristics of this cat breed!

American Curl Cat Breed: Short Info

  • Origin: United States;
  • Height: 9-12 inches;
  • Weight: 5-10 pounds;
  • Coat: short/long hair with sable, silver, brown, chocolate, black, gray, blue, ebony, red, white, etc.;
  • Temperament: affectionate and sociable;
  • Lifespan: 12-16 years.

Where does the American Curl Cat Breed Come From?

The common ancestor of American Curl is considered to be a cat picked up by an American couple in 1981. The cat had an unusual feature – arched ears. The offspring of this cat inherited that trait. At the very beginning, the owners did not contact the breeder to clarify a type of their new fluffy friend, and when they did, it turned out that this was the result of a genetic mutation. The gene responsible for this mutation is dominant, so whatever breed the American Curl is crossed with, in most cases, kittens would inherit these unusual ears. Semi-long-haired representatives of the breed received official recognition quickly enough – in 1987, and short-haired – in 1991.

Interesting fact

Since the 1960s, cats with a similar mutation have been seen on farms in Oklahoma and California. Perhaps this breed appeared much earlier.

American Curl Cat: Characteristics

American Curl Cat Characteristics

The main distinguishing feature of the breed is its ears, which are wide and curved back. According to the standard, the wrap angle must be at least 90°, but not more than 180°. Sometimes it may seem like this breed is a little chubby, but at the same time, American curls look graceful and elegant. The body is slightly elongated but sufficiently muscular. There are two varieties – long-haired and short-haired. The first type has a more voluminous coat than the second. Almost all colors are allowed for the breed – sable, silver, brown, chocolate, black, gray, blue, ebony, red, white, etc.

Personal Traits of American Curl Cat Breeds

American Curls combine an extraordinary appearance and a good-natured character. Unlike representatives of other breeds, they are devoid of arrogance and desire for independence and quickly become attached to a person. Most cats are sociable, curious, and prefer to spend their leisure time in the company of humans. Of course, exceptions can occur depending on the personality of your pet. This breed does not cope well with loneliness. However, it gets along well with all members of your family – children, dogs, and cats – but hunting instinct can appear with small rodents. An interesting feature of cats of this breed is their quick adaptation to changes. So, there are big chances that your pet would not get depressed about the move or walks in the park in a cat backpack. The American Curl is often compared to a dog because it is easy to train and teach different cool tricks. However, you should take into account that a cat does not need to be trained in the same way as a dog. Commands must be presented convincingly, but not dominantly. Despite the fact that this breed adores its owner, it would respond well to pressure, so show respect. The method of positive reinforcement would help you better than any other. In other words, treat your cat even when it did not follow your command. Also, do not delay the upbringing, because American Curl kittens are much easier to train.

Size of a Breed

The male is slightly larger than the female. However, the average weight is 5 to 10 pounds and the height is 9 to 12 inches.

American Curl: Health Issues

American Curl size

American Curly cats have excellent health. You would not have to visit your veterinarian more often than during routine appointments and vaccinations. If you are worried that their unique gene will somehow affect the cat’s physical health, then none of the studies have confirmed these concerns. Therefore, there is no predisposition to fatal viral infections. As for non-genetic diseases, cats can get sick with them due to poor care. If you look after your pet responsibly, it will live as long as possible – 12-16 years.

How to Care for a Cat of a Unique Breed?

The American Curl does not need any special care. Short-haired Curls need to be brushed once every 7-10 days, and long-haired Curls twice a week. Often bathing cats of this breed is also not worth it, 2-3 times a year is enough. Due to the special structure of the ears, you need to clean them carefully. If you are not sure that you will cope with it, it is better to contact your veterinarian for help. It is enough to brush the cat’s teeth twice a week, and wipe its eyes as they become dirty. This breed loves to eat and often what is contraindicated for it. Therefore, you need to clearly outline the boundaries of what is permissible and make up a balanced diet. If you want to adopt a cat of this breed, that’s great! Google “American Curl cat adoption” and you would find dozens of organizations that can help you with this. If you are ready to pay maximum attention to your pet, then do not doubt that it will answer you in kind. What do you think would be the best name for a representative of this breed? Share in the comments!

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