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Are Cats Egoistic Creatures?

Jul.26.2020 262
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Cats often behave like shameless egoists. They can wake you up in the middle of the night if they want to eat or to get some attention. They also can lay down on your face while you’re sleeping or steal some food from your plate if they want to do so.

A well-raised dog would never do such things on a constant basis. So from first sight, it is true – cats are totally egoistic and neglect creatures.

But we shouldn’t judge our pets so categorically. It is known that cats can show their love and appreciation no less than dogs. We need to understand the deepest intentions which a cat may have to find out what’s really happening in the mind of your whisker pet.

First, we need to consider that animals can’t be «egoistic» because «egoism» is an inherent human quality. But some of their actions can look truly egoistic for us, humans.

Most of them are able to do altruistic deeds such as gift presents to their masters or to bring comfort to their close ones. There’re plenty of stories of cats who do not depart from their sick owners even for a minute.

Mother cats could also adopt stray kittens and even other animal species offspring. One of the popular stories on the Internet tells about the mother cat who took care of the lost puppy.

We need to look at the cat’s ancestor history – The Forest Cat, to fully understand the behavior of our whisker pets. Modern whisker pets have saved a lot from their ancestors and especially the instincts of self-care and heightened scrutiny.

The first appearance of domesticated cats was mentioned ten thousand years ago when the first settlers came to the Near East. Forest cats had chosen to move into the human’s household in order to get free shelter and food.

Such an approach is totally different from the way the dogs were domesticated. Cats are more similar to pigeons or mice given the fact that they had independently chosen to live with humans.

It is not a surprise that our favorite whiskers had preserved a lot from their ancestors. They cannot be called «egoistic». «Independent» is a way more appropriate characteristic. Some cats are more similar to their ancestors but some of them had learned to live with their masters peacefully and harmonically.

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