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How to Tell If a Cat Has Arthritis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Remedies

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Cats are one of the most agile pets. Often they delight their owner with playfulness and a good mood but it happens that their activity declines. This may indicate approaching arthritis in cats. If earlier this disease was common in older cats, now it also occurs in young cats. Let’s find out the first signs, causes, and how you can help your pet. Enjoy the reading!

Causes and Signs of Arthritis in Cats

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It is how abnormal changes in a joint are named. Only when the cartilage wears away faster than it is replaced, so changes begin. Cartilage acts as a cushion to protect the bones. When it wears off, the joints swell and become painful. Common Causes of Feline Arthritis

  • Age. As cats age, cartilage begins to degrade. Although arthritis is much more common in older animals, younger animals can also have arthritis.
  • Breed. Breeders proved that it depends on a cat breed. For example, Himalayan, Persian, and Siamese cats are more vulnerable.
  • Overweight. Being overweight means putting too much stress on your joints and cartilage, which can lead to arthritis and joint problems. Find out how to help your cat to lose weight.
  • Congenital or hereditary pathologies.
  • Damage or injury. Accidental injury can damage cartilage, leading to arthritis later in life and negatively affecting mobility.
  • Infections. In rare cases, infections can lead to the destruction of cartilage and joint tissue.

Feline Arthritis Symptoms

  • Decreased activity.
  • Problems jumping to the surface / jumping off the surface.
  • Urination past the tray.
  • It walks slowly and may even limp.
  • Social isolation.

Most cat owners watch for the slightest changes and oddities in their cat’s behavior, such as their ability to open doors or attack their legs at night, but they find it difficult to determine when behavior that seems unusual is a sign of serious health problems. If you notice at list one symptom, visit your veterinarian immediately. This condition hurts your pet and any delay will contribute to complex treatment for arthritis in cats, such as surgery.

How to Treat Arthritis in Cats?

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Treating arthritis in cats can only be prescribed by a specialist after a careful examination of the patient and a careful study of the results of laboratory tests.

  • Medication for feline arthritis consists mainly of combining different types of drugs.
    • Hormone therapy, which allows you to quickly stop the spread of puffiness. Hormones are good for relieving pain, but they have several serious side effects, so your veterinarian should use them with great care.
    • Warming ointments or gels are rarely prescribed because of the risk of entering the patient’s stomach during licking. There is no point in acquiring these funds when treating an infectious form, as well as during the acute phase.
    • Antibiotics are widely used during the suspension of the infectious form of the disease. They can only be discharged by a veterinarian, no self-medication can be allowed.
    • What can you give a cat for arthritis? Vitamin-mineral complexes are used as maintenance therapy. They use vitamins E, C, which can help stop the destruction of cartilage and fight inflammation.
  • Physiotherapy. Often the veterinarian will prescribe a massage to the furry patient, which can be done at home. It includes not only gentle massaging of the limbs but also stretching exercises. Physiotherapeutic procedures can be carried out only in the stage of remission, but not in the acute phase.
  • Surgical intervention. In especially severe cases, you have to do surgery. The indications for intervention are ruptures of the compositions, complete thinning of tissues, complex cases of dysplasia. Sometimes a prosthesis or protective plate is inserted into the cat.

Cat Arthritis Remedies at Home

One of the best ways for cat arthritis relief is to help cats create a comfortable and safe environment for them.

  • Give your cat a soft, warm bed so it can get in and out easily.
  • Provide slopes to places they like to rest, such as your bed, couch, or window seat.
  • If you live in a multi-story home, put everything your cat needs on the ground floor of your house.
  • Use a soft brush to brush.
  • Control the average weight of your cat due to its breed characteristics.

How to tell if a cat has arthritis? Most cats show no obvious signs of arthritis. They tend to hide their pain even when they are in trouble. This makes it difficult to determine when the problem is occurring. That is why you should be more attentive to a cat’s health condition. There are cats, who have arthritis and live a full life. Of course, it depends on the owners. We wish for your cat’s health. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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