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Cat-Friendly Hotel Chains in the USA: What Is the Best to Choose When You Travel

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We often become attached to our pets, that even a week-long separation is unbearable for us. Therefore, when we are going to travel or go on a business trip, we consider the option of taking the pet with us. Sometimes such a decision can be associated with the personality of the cat, who does not trust strangers, and spending time without the owner would be a real stress. However, do hotels allow cats? Not all of them, but there are such. We have prepared for you a list of hotels that allow cats. And if you have such a need, you would know which hotel chain is right for you. Enjoy reading!

The Best Cat-Friendly Hotels in the US

Despite the progress of the 21st century in many areas, finding hotels and motels that allow cats can be a daunting task. However, the comfort of our furry friends is worth the difficulty. We will not only list the names, but also tell you what services you can expect there.

Best Western

Cat-Friendly Hotel Best Western

A feature of Best Western is the ability to stay with your pet. However, when booking, be sure to indicate this in order to be provided with such a room, because the hotel is also intended for single travelers. It is one of the cat-friendly hotel chains that have over 2000 hotels. And there are located not only in the US but also in Canada and the Caribbean. The extra cost for such an unusual guest usually ranges from $ 30 to $ 150.


Cat-Friendly Hotel Marriott

The Marriott hotel is divided into several zones for the comfort of its guests. One of these accommodates guests who travel with their pets. Such cat-friendly hotels typically charge $ 50-100 per stay. However, in order to avoid misunderstandings, it is better to familiarize yourself with their policies and prices on the official website or by phone. You may walk with your pet around the hotel territory if you have trained it to a leash. Who knows, maybe your cat would make a new friend while walking.


Cat-Friendly Hotel Peninsula

Peninsula is one the best hotels that allow cats. Cats of all breeds and sizes are welcome here. The limit for one room is 2 pets. And the price is quite reasonable — near $ 35 per cat, per night. Your friend would be surrounded by comfort — a bed, bowls for food and water, healthy treats. If you do not want your cat to be left alone in the room while you decide your business or sunbathe on the beach, then the hotel has a pet care service.

Motel 6

Cat-Friendly Hotel Motel 6

It is one of the most popular motels that allow cats. This chain has approximately 1,400 locations across the United States and Canada. All rooms provide the opportunity to spend the night with your pet. However, an important condition is the placement of no more than 2 pets in one room. They are also not allowed to live independently. Of course, you can leave the room, but you must spend the night with a cat. Motel 6 recently revised its policy, so be sure to review it before making a reservation.

Affinia Hotel Chain

Cat-Friendly Hotel Affinia Chain

If you are looking for hotel chains that allow cats, pay attention to Affinia Hotels. They may surprise you. New York is a big city, so there are three hotels in this chain. You can check-in for $ 150 with one cat. Your pet would be given a separate bed, bowls of food and water, a toy, and a special sign on the door. So the staff would know that you are with a cat and would not let it out while cleaning the room. By the way, the accommodation also includes a small donation of $ 10 to the Humane Society. It’s great, isn’t it?


Cat-Friendly Hotel Radisson

The only minus that you may encounter when booking a room at the Radisson hotel is the lack of a general corporate policy. This means that some hotels are for cats, others — for dogs. There is also a small restriction on the size of the pet — no more than 40 pounds. The hotel does not have separate rooms for living with pets, you would simply be provided with everything you need in case of booking. Therefore, you may be asked to pay for an additional cleaning fee (about $ 25) to prevent future guests from developing allergies.


Cat-Friendly Hotel Kimpton

If you are on a budget then look for cheap hotels that allow cats. Kimpton is one of them because it does not require additional fees for size, breed, or number of pets. This chain has 34 hotels in North America and provides excellent facilities. Your cat would have its own place to sleep and rest, food to which it is used, and delicious treats.
If you Google “what hotels allow cats”, you will find thousands of options. But our list of them is based on good reviews of visitors. Of course, it is only up to you to decide what is better for your cat. Have you ever traveled with a pet? If yes, where did you stay for a night? Share in the comments. Thank you and see you soon!

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