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7 Best Toothbrushes for Cats: Useful Tips for Final Choice of a Kitty Toothbrush

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Those who believe that dental care is not needed for cats are completely wrong. Often such stereotypes do not provide an opportunity to prevent a problem in time or learn it without dire consequences. By the age of 3, almost every cat shows signs of dental disease. In the wild, felines gnaw on raw bones to keep their teeth clean, but your pets usually have to rely on dry foods, snacks, or chewy toys. Are there cat toothbrushes? Of course, yes, and we will discuss their types with you. In addition, there are foods that can help keep your cat’s teeth clean. Even minor plaque can soon cause severe pain and inflammation in the future, which can even lead to the removal of some teeth. So check out the best cat toothbrushes below!

How to Choose a Feline Toothbrush?

best cat toothbrush

Your toothbrush would definitely not work for your furry friend, so you need to be serious about choosing it. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and ask your veterinarian for advice before deciding on one. A specialist who knows the needs of your pet would be able to help you with the choice. In order not to experiment and not pick up a toothbrush for a long time, we advise you to heed the following tips.

Size and Shape

You can’t force your cat to open its mouth too wide, and it is a fact that it doesn’t like it. So pick a small toothbrush that can easily fit in the mouth without causing discomfort to your pet. Also, pay attention to the size of your cat’s head. If this is still a kitten or small breed, then there is no need to buy a large toothbrush. As for the shape of a kitty toothbrush, most vets recommend round heads.

Bristle Stiffness

Don’t choose too soft or too hard bristles on your pet’s toothbrush. Medium hardness is perfect for a cat of any breed and would be able to remove plaque from the teeth and not damage the pet’s oral cavity. Also, remember that when brushing a cat’s teeth, you should not make a lot of effort, because it is the time of brushing that affects the result.

Length of a Handle

Do not forget about your comfort, because it is you who will brush your pet’s teeth. Therefore, select the length with which you will be comfortable. These are usually medium-length toothbrushes because, for example, with a long one it would be difficult for you to control your movements.

7 Best Rated Cat Toothbrush

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Before we provide you with our list of the best toothbrushes, let us tell you what types are generally available:

  • Finger brushes are suitable for small breeds and cats with a calm temperament that would definitely not bite you. These models have small pieces of soft silicone that are safe for pets and can be cleaned gently. Cat finger toothbrush is designed to go through your fingers, so pay attention to the size that works for you.
  • Handle brushes with thin handles are suitable for cats that bite because they can keep their fingers at a safe distance. They also have an excellent reach to the back teeth, especially if their head is tilted. However, to match as closely as possible, look for a double-headed version with two different-sized heads. Compared to small pieces of silicone, these bristles are more effective at removing deposits, but their design is not as user-friendly, which means you still need to practice a little to determine which direction and pressure are most effective for your cat.
  • Also, you can find a cat electric toothbrush on Amazon, which can clean its teeth more effectively.

H&H Pets

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This finger toothbrush is made of materials of the highest quality and there is not one, but as many as 8 such helpers in the set, so it can named as the best toothbrush for cats Therefore, if you have more than one kitten, then the packaging would definitely be enough. This model has a curved head profile, which can be more gentle, but no less effective for cleaning teeth and gums. You can easily keep the other fingers on your pet’s chin by running the brush over the teeth and gums with your fingers. If you teach your pet to brush from an early age, then you can use them when it grows up, since the risk of being bitten would be minimal.

Pet Republique Dual-Head

cat electric toothbrush

Such toothbrushes for cats are designed to reach areas where toothbrushes with fingers cannot reach. However, if only kittens live in your home, double brushing may not be practical. Also, this brand is perfect for large breeds of cats. Pet Republique also has other types of brushes, but these are recognized as the most popular and effective of their products. Please note that your pet should not be afraid of brushing its teeth and be calm, if you are not sure that you can do it yourself, ask someone to help you hold the cat in one place.


best toothbrush for cats

This is the best cat toothbrush, especially if you’re looking for a more traditional type. It is specially designed for cats with small teeth and sensitive gums. The design of the bristles is ideal for effectively removing food debris and even plaque without causing discomfort to your cat. The price for it may surprise you unpleasantly, but the point is in its practicality and interesting unique design. Plus, it’s not the most expensive toothbrush on the market.


cat finger toothbrush

Among good brands for cat toothbrush is Woobamboo, which has an environmentally friendly design. The bamboo handle has a unique shape, similar to the outline of a cola bottle. This is mainly done to give your hand better control over brushing. There is practically no difference between a small head and a neck. You would only know that this is a brush attachment by the multicolored bristles. The neck is also at an angle of about 15 degrees, so you can even touch the back of your cat’s mouth. It is a great alternative to most plastic-structured pet tooth care tools.

Virbac C.E.T.

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If you are looking for the best long-lasting toothbrush for cats, then look at the brand. It has a simple and straightforward design with a very small round brush head with soft and durable bristles. However, this miracle still has a drawback, and this is the price. But the results you get after regularly brushing your pet’s teeth are worth it. The long handle would help you reach absolutely all teeth and easily remove plaque from them. With CET, you would significantly reduce the risk of dental problems.

Emours 360-Degree

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There are different options for dental care of your cat, and toothbrush kit by Emours is one of the best one. Its bristles are located outward, more like a small brush around the cylindrical head. Regardless of how you position the brush, the unique bristle and brush design ensures more efficient cleaning. A bunch of bristles would definitely be in contact with your pet’s teeth, and it’s also very practical. Its role is to give you a firm grip on the handle and better control over the movement of the hand. This is considered a novelty among similar products, and like everything new it is not the cheapest option.


are there cat toothbrushes

Are toothbrushes safe for cats if they just FDA-approved? We strongly recommend using brushes with these marks because it is a sign of quality and safety for your pet. The RosyLife brand is exactly that and also offers more versatile dental care. The set contains 4 reversible toothbrushes and 4 finger toothbrushes. The double brush head design is very suitable for families with multiple pets. They are also available in 4 different colors. Therefore, if you have more than one pet, this set is what you need.

Cat and toothbrush – these two words should increasingly be spoken by everyone with a feline. It were people who wanted to have such an animal in their house, so everyone should take responsibility for caring for it in order to prolong the life of this cute animal as long as possible. How often do you think you should brush its teeth? It depends on the breed and other characteristics of your cat, but on average it is twice a week. Also, do not forget about professional cleaning by the veterinarian once a year or a year and a half!

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