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Best Sofa Material for Cats: How to Choose It and What Fabrics Are a Bad Choice

Jun.30.2021 149
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Choosing a sofa is not an easy task if you have a cat living at home who likes to sharpen its claws on its fabric. To trim cat nails is a great option but not a 100% guarantee to protect your furniture. Therefore, you should find out about the best sofa material for cats. Don’t worry, there will be plenty to choose from. We will also tell you which fabric is best to avoid. Enjoy the reading!

What Is the Best Couch for Cat Owners?

cat proof upholstery fabric

Unfortunately, the material for the sofa, which even after 5 years of interaction with the pet, was as good as new does not exist. However, if you think about cat-friendly furniture fabric, you can significantly lengthen the period of presentable appearance of your furniture. We have prepared a shortlist for you and will tell you more about each position.


This option is a good solution to your problem, that is, the fight with the cat for the safety of the sofa. Pay attention to the quality of the microfiber. After all, the better it is, the more stability will be. The choice of microfiber is a good cat-resistant fabric. Unfortunately, choosing which one is better is not easy.

It would be wrong on our part to tell you only about the positive aspects of using microfiber. Microfibers are good at repelling hair but can keep your cat scratching. It is similar in structure to suede, favorably distinguished by increased wear resistance, and has a wide range of colors. Its positive characteristics are strength, ease of care, easy cleaning from stains, and an affordable price category of this cat-friendly couch for example, on Amazon.


Will cats scratch leather furniture? Unfortunately, it is possible. The advantage of this material is that it is not sticky, it is really easy to clean, and it does not wear out too much to the point of cat scratches. However, it must be admitted that it is not ideal for handling scratches. Plus, according to research, cats don’t scratch their skin as often as other materials. Of course, this furniture for cat owners requires maintenance, at least once a year. Do not place a sofa with this material on the sunny side, as the sun will damage the skin with kryptonite.


Perhaps, it can be not a perfect sofa for your cat but it has advantages. It is very easy to clean, even easier than leather. When it comes to repelling cat hair, it’s like a solid color skin won’t stick to fluffy things. Even with quality faux leather, cat scratches are almost fatal to your furniture. However, if your cat is not interested in scratching furniture, or if it doesn’t like to scratch the skin with its paws, then pleather is almost certainly the best choice. What are the other benefits? The overall durability of pleather is higher than leather. It turns out that if you buy a high-quality leatherette sofa, it should be more durable than real leather over time, but if you buy a sofa with cheap faux leather, then the real one is better. This is not an easy choice to choose the best type of couch for cats. However, whatever you choose, your furniture will be relatively safe.


Fabrics such as acrylic and nylon are also excellent choices for furniture that is suitable for breeding cats. Like microfiber textiles, these fabrics are also very affordable. It is one of the alternatives to the cat scratch-proof couch. Plus, it’s easy to clean with over-the-counter fabric cleaners and doesn’t require professional cleaners. It also guarantees the cat longer daily wear and tear.

Tight Weave

Canvas, denim, and artificial materials are the best couches for cats that scratch. Its tightness ensures that it will withstand the play of cats. However, consider color when choosing any of these materials. Choose a darker color or a color that matches your pet’s color to avoid visible dirt or cat hair.

Cat Proof Upholstery Fabric: the Worst Choice

cat-resistant fabric
  • Open-weave fabrics tangle easily and loosen over time. For example, corduroy. Plus, it can trap dust and fur, making it difficult to clean and care for, especially on sofas. These stains of dirt can make your upholstery look and smell unpleasant. Not the best prospect, is it?
  • It is also not recommended that pet owners use delicate materials such as silk and velvet. Like open woven fabrics, it can also trap hair and fur, especially pet wool and fur. This makes cleaning difficult, and you will always need professional cleaning products for regular maintenance. The 21st century is a time of opportunities and there is not always time for such a thorough cleaning, especially of sofas.
  • You might think that suede might suit your pet’s needs, but unfortunately, it isn’t. It may look good, but problems such as overflowing water can put a lot of pressure on the fabric. Especially if it doesn’t have a protective layer on it, it can be a disaster for your fabric. And you will have no choice but to throw out the sofa and think about buying a new one.

If these couch fabric cats won’t scratch do not impress you, and you want to choose the material you like best, go ahead. You can buy special sofa protectors to keep them looking good. Also, spend more time training so that the cat sharpens its claws only in a specially designated area.

However, if you are not often at home, the cat can spoil the furniture just out of boredom. We also advise you to ask your friends who have cats for advice. Perhaps they will tell you a new way or convince you to buy a sofa from the materials described above. How did you find a way out of this situation? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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