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Best Tips for International Travel With Cats

Aug.01.2020 223
how to travel with a cat

Are you a lucky cat owner and plan to have a rest in another country? Of course, you can bring it to special pet hotels or ask your friends to help you. If you can’t leave your pet with anyone and you want to take him on an exciting journey, there are a number of important issues to solve. Then let’s be patient and read carefully about what is needed to travel with a cat correctly and safely.

You Have To Prepare 4 Documents Before Traveling With the Cat

  • A Pet Passport is a collection of documents (health, rabies, microchip certificates, import permits, FAVN test results, etc.) that are required for your pet to enter your destination country when traveling internationally.

To take a cat abroad, you have to chip a pet (microchip implanted under the skin containing the animal data in the form of a fifteen-digit individual code). The pet passport should also provide information about this procedure.

  • Vet-approved health certificate (which is available in state veterinary clinics). It should have vaccination marks against rabies, infectious hepatitis, and plague. Cats should be vaccinated at least 30 days before departure. It is issued on the day of treatment and is valid for three days from the date of issue, during which time you should leave.
  • Pass for a cat (it can be obtained by applying for a veterinary certificate and a personal ticket to the luggage office).
  • Evidence that the animal is not a particularly important representative of the breed, so its removal will not cause damage to the organization.

Be ready to know all the details of transporting your pet to the country you are going to visit. They’re different all over the country.

For example, traveling cats who are less than 3 months cannot be brought into Egypt (in the EU – less than 7 months).

In Japan, after arrival, the animal is sent to a 12-hour quarantine in a special detention facility.

In order to get a cat into Iceland, apart from all standard documents, you must obtain a permit from the Icelandic Ministry of Economy and National Economy.

Things To Buy and Take With You To Travel With a Cat

moving overseas with cats

Cats carry required tags, stickers, pee mat, water bowl, and reinforcements (better to get a full and rigid carry).

Veterinarians recommend introducing a cat to the bag a couple of days before the trip.

For a trip by train or cruise liner, a standard cat carries with an absorbent bottom, and venturing will be suitable. The height of the bag should allow the cat to stand up and the width should fit another cat.

Leash harness (will be needed at night) many cat owners on the train prefer not to leave their cat locked in the carrier and to sleep with it;

Litter and filler (if the move is long) as well as diapers, wet and dry wipes, waste bags, and an odor neutralizer;

First-aid kid. In addition to the standard kit available at home, it should also include sedatives (buy them after consulting your vet), an antiseptic to wipe the shelves and other surfaces your cat will contact with.

So, you’ve collected all the documents and a bag of major essentials. Let’s look at other questions that may arise before you travel.

Which Kind of Transport To Use?

how to prepare a cat for air travel

Air travel with a cat (an animal can get seasick, so you don’t have to feed it before traveling, at least 12-18 hours before traveling)

Traveling by train. Your travel cat may be intimidated by a large crowd of other people’s voices, so try to hold it in your arms and don’t let it out, otherwise, it may run away and hide in a stressful state.

There’s another problem – draughts. The cat’s body doesn’t react well to them. On the train, try to choose a quiet place without draughts and place a cat carry there.

Voyage on the ship. Cats suffer from seasickness more than other animals, and the cruise ship for more than twelve days can even be fatal.

Be ready for the fact that some passenger airlines (it concerns also sea and railway carriers) don’t take cats on board. They don’t bring cats into some countries or airports/stations.

So it would be better to call back to the info-center in time before the trip and ask for all the details about cat international travel.

One more moment that can be interesting for you:

How Much Does It Cost To Fly a Cat Internationally?

Very often airlines don’t take the weight of an animal, the volume weight of the cage is calculated.

The cost of the flight can also depend on the destination as some countries will have less incoming flight options than others.

For example, in trains of the EU, cats up to 5 kg can be transported for free. The cost of transporting a cat in an airline aircraft is calculated at the same rates as for excess baggage.

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