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Big Cat Breeds: The Most Famous Kinds of Them Which Will Surprise You for Sure

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what are the big cats called

You are a true lover of cats, not dogs. However, sometimes you want the cat not lying on you but to put your head on the cat when you are in a bad mood or well-being. Big cat breeds will do just fine with this task. Also, they often look like wild cats, which is also undoubtedly a plus. You can confess to us that when you heard incredible stories where a lion or a tiger became attached to a person and behaved with him like a house cat, then you also wanted to have such a pet. If you are interested in the types of big house cats, our article will be useful for you. Enjoy reading!

The List of the Biggest Domesticated Cat Breeds

The huge cats breed is cool to own and also safer than a real tiger. You may think that these breeds need special care. However, They don’t need it. The only thing that matters if you want to have a giant domesticated cat is having a lot of space for its activity.

Maine Coon

big cat breeds

Cats of this breed can weigh about 10 kg. They are often used as farm cats, as they have an excellent hunting instinct. But do not think that Maine Coon will not be able to get along with you and other family members. Cats of this breed are very smart, playful, and affectionate, so you can safely have such a cat in your house. Maine Coon wool is perfectly adapted to harsh and cold climates. This breed was first shown at an exhibition in the USA in 1861.


largest cat breed

It is one of the big cats you can own. This breed is not a leader among large ones. However, it reaches a weight of about 5-6 kg, which is already more than the average weight of an ordinary domestic cat. Due to the long and fluffy coat, they need regular brushing. Persian cats are affectionate and terrible owners. Also, they love to mess around, and in rare cases when they get bored they like to play.


giant domesticated cat

Recently, there have been disputes among breeders about the belonging of this breed to domestic ones. The main highlight of the Savannah cat is its resemblance to a leopard. It is the largest cat breed whose weight reaches 15 kg. They are not afraid of water and are very loyal to their owners.

Norwegian Forest

huge cats breed

The average weight of a cat of this breed is about 10-11 kg. It is a proud kind of big cat breeds of muscular build and large paws. If you are looking for a devoted friend who will not stint on affection and attention for you, then the Norwegian Forest cat is an excellent choice. By its temperament, this breed is patient, not aggressive, and playful.


what is the biggest cat breed

This is a jealous breed that is usually attached to only one of the owners, but at the same time gets along well with children. Larger than a domestic cat, but not in the top big cat breeds. This is a curious and fearless breed that loves to “talk” with humans. We recommend brushing the Birman cat twice a week because of the fluffy coat but there are no other special care details.


the biggest breed of a domestic cat

It can be the biggest breed of a domestic cat. Cats of this breed have large blue eyes, which is rare among felines. A pleasant and kind character helps to quickly establish contact with a person. The average weight of a male cat is about 10 kg, but females are smaller and usually weigh 8 kg. The cat’s favorite resting place is the hands of the owner. The breed gained the greatest popularity at the end of the 20th century.


big cats you can own

It can be also called the largest breed of housecat. This breed has similar characteristics to the Ragdoll cat and also weighs near 10 kg. The most distinctive feature is that the cats of this breed have a very kind and expressive look.


the largest breed of housecat

When you hear the question: “What is the biggest cat breed”? Without any doubt, the answer is the Chausie cat. The average weight of a cat of this breed is about 12 kg. Cats are very active but at the same time, they are sociable and happy to spend time at home with their families. Also, these are real pedant cats who love the established order and are wary of changes. Cats of this breed have the grace and hunter instinct like real leopards. They are most popular in the United States.


types of big house cats

The appearance of this breed resembles a real representative of the jungle. From the visual view, these cats are predatory but in fact, they are very kind and friendly. Therefore, they easily become favorites in families. We recommend equipping a special corner if you live in an apartment since they are active and like to climb high. And in private houses, the Bengal cat will become an excellent mouse hunter. And what do you think, are there any other breeds, besides the ones listed above, which will answer the question: “What are the big cats called”? Please share in the comments, your opinion is very important for us. Thank you for reading our article to the end. Take care of yourself and your pets, and see you soon on the pages of our blog, we have a lot of interesting information to share with you!

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