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Black and White Cat Breeds

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Now it is possible to find cats of any color. And even if it is not very unusual, you can easily go to the veterinary store and buy the color you like. Yes, people do such manipulations with their pets. The cat can be pink and purple and even bright blue, there are no restrictions.

black white cat breed

You will probably agree that there is nothing better than what nature has invented. Today, we will talk about the classics of cat color – black and white cat breeds.

What Kind of Cat Is Black and White – On What Does It Depend?

black and white cat breeds

Breeds of black and white cats are the most common and recognizable type of color in the world (along with monochrome cats).

Strange as it may seem, red and black are the basis of all the most unpredictable colors. Melanin pigment (which is also present in the human body, gives our skin a pleasant bronze tint) contains two chemical varieties – “O” orange (pheomelanin) and “o” black (melanin). The genes that determine a kitten’s future color are located on the “X” chromosomes of the mother.

By the way, cats are more likely to have a variety of coloring, they have a whole pair of “XX” chromosomes, and male “XY”:

  • OO – orange
  • Oo – tortoiseshell
  • oo – black

The whole secret lies in chromosome pairs “XX” from the mother and “XY” from the father. The kitten inherits one chromosome from each of the parents. Male gene “Y” has no gene (o) which is responsible for bicolor color, so cats (male) can only be born black or red (orange).

We have already written about how males can be born with tricolor hair following a gene mutation. They are very deficient and can have no posterity.

Curiously, that white color is most often not taken as an independent type of color, it is rather the absence of any pigment in the cat genome.

Black-White Cat Breed – A Little History

black and white cat breed name

Black and white (or simply two-color) cats were considered to be a genetic defect until 1969. And only in the early ‘70s breeding of white and black cat breeds began in Europe.

Black and white color is also called the other word “magpie”, or rather a bird. It is not strange, because the magpie has the same contrasting and noble black and white color of feathers.

It is also called classical and elegant as a “tuxedo” (there is a separate type of black and white color, which we will talk about a little later).

Besides, it is difficult to make cats born with the same location and size of spots. In other words – there are no two identical cats with black and white color, even if the kittens were born from the same mother – they are always different, no copies.

Not only pedigree cats can be born with black and white color, but you can also find these cats in a “tuxedo” on any of the streets of your city.

Usually, if people want to get black and white kittens, they choose one male from black and white cats breeds, and a female who can be tortoiseshell.

Some More Features of Black and White Cats

  • notice the color of the paws of black and white cats breeds, they can also be two-color (dark paws with a pink shade);
  • the eye color of black and white cats is always fascinating; most black and white cat breeds with green eyes, or even tend to colorful pigments (heterochromia);
  • you can try to calculate which color (black or white) prevails on the pet’s hair because there are no black and white cats with the same number of two shades; one color is always more present on the pet’s body.

What Breed Is a Black and White Cat?

As we have already said, black and white colors are not tied to a certain breed of cat. Every cat has a chance to be born in such a tuxedo, everything depends on the genes of its parents. But we will still indicate which breeds are more likely to meet with black and white “clothes”.

Black and White Long-Haired Cat Breeds

Persian cats. Probably these cute and long-haired cats can boast the most of the variety of coat colors. But black and white Persians look no less beautiful and solid against the background of all others. The black and white Persian breed often has several requirements to meet the standards.

For example, Persian black and white cats can be only with blue, copper, dark orange eyes (heterochromia is possible).

The Main Coons are also included in the list of breeds that can be born black and white. In addition, they can have only one type of black and white color – bicolor, when the body of Maine Coon is completely covered with black, and white spots are present only on the chest (like a tie) or paws, on the face.

Black and White Shorthair Cat Breed

British and Scottish cat breeds are also often black and white. It is with this color these noble breeds look even more aristocratic.

Black and White Cat Breed Name

You can come up with a funny name for a black and white cat, given its appearance and color. It can be something like: Chess, Domino (Dominic), Life (there is a black and white stripe in life), Vampire, Oscar, Baron, Cola, Friday (Wednesday), Devil, Charm, Cappuccino (Latte), Eskimo, Grace.

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