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Black Cat Awareness Month

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Many people often like to shift their blame on someone else. And we think you should agree it is very convenient to tell your boss that you are late for work today because the black cat ran across your road. And it doesn’t even matter if it was real or not. After all, it is a well-known fact, that black cats are mystical creatures that attract failure and affect many circumstances in human life.

We hope that your boss is a reasonable person. And he will just say that it is high time for you to take responsibility for your fate in your hands and stop accusing innocent cats that they accidentally caught your eyes.

Black cats became the heroes of our article for a reason today. Because the second month of autumn is considered October black cat awareness month. These animals, whom the fate and genes of their parents gave a beautiful black hair color, suffer from human fictions and prejudices. But this is not a reasonable and false fact. Black cats are not to blame for the fact that they were born with this color of wool – they had no choice. It is the same that people who have brown eyes are very angry and have a dark soul. After all, everyone knows that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. So what now? These unhappy people must be alone and abandoned by society? We don’t think so – it is a bunch of nonsense.

When Is Black Cat Awareness Month?

black cat awareness month

Americans and Englishmen have certain dates on the calendar dedicated to black cats. And a woman named Leila Morgan Wilde noticed that there is no holiday when the attention to black cats is increased on an international level. But it is so necessary! Human speculation and sick imagination cross all facets of reason, especially on the eve of Halloween. That is why the whole month of October is considered as an international black cat awareness month.

Black Cat Awareness Month – Traditions and How To Celebrate?

when is black cat awareness month

Black cat month is a great way to remind people that black cats are as purr and faithful friends as red, white, or spotted congeners.

Already passed the time when life was full of uncertainty and the fate of man was ruled by the Powers of the creator. People believed in omens, respected the good, and avoided the bad in order to take away all the negative and be the kind of fortune.

Today everyone knows who is to blame for bad luck and bad events in human life. Each of us is responsible for everything that happens in life and black cats have nothing to do with it.

In social networks, you can find many publications where the owners of black cats show their cats and emphasize that they are the best and most faithful companions.

The best thing you can do in a black cat month is to give a new life to a kitten or an adult black cat from the shelter.

And every time you notice a person who avoids a black cat you just come up and tell him the following words – black cat brings bad luck only if you are a mouse. In other cases, it just goes about its business.

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