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Superstitions about Black Cats and When Is National Black Cat Day

Oct.25.2021 64
National Black Cat Day

How do you feel about black cats? Unfortunately, opinions regarding them were divided in various forums. Some believe that they can only bring misfortune, others believe that they can bring luck to your life, but there is also an opinion that black cats are just animals that can brighten up our leisure. October is Black Cat Month, which is why the theme of our article is black cat, superstitions, and myths around it. Also, we want to invite you to celebrate National Black Cat Day”, so that you can help someone to adopt a new friend!

History of Black Cat Superstition

For hundreds of years, black cats have been associated with some kind of superstition. Of course, not all of them are bad, but where did they come from? For the first time, this fear arose in the Middle Ages in Europe, where the number of black street cats began to grow, which seriously frightened the inhabitants of cities. Various bad events were associated with their appearance. At that time, they believed in superstition and mysticism much more readily than in science. Therefore, silly superstitions about black cats exist in our time.

What is the Superstition about Black Cats You Do Not Know?

History of Black Cat Superstition

Some superstitions may surprise you, and some you are probably familiar with. Perhaps you believe in them, so we will try not just to talk about them, but to prove that these are just normal animals like any other.

1st Superstition

Every witch must have a black cat. Such myths have existed for more than a dozen years. In the Middle Ages, people were convinced that these evil witches walk the streets in the guise of black cats to spy on them. Therefore, in that terrible period, when women accused of witchcraft were burned at the stake, they did the same with black cats, because they believed that witches could move into a cat before dying. Even in the film industry, this superstition is maintained. Do you remember what color the cat was in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”? It is a black American Shorthair cat, which won the hearts of thousands of fans.

2nd Superstition

Are black cats unlucky? Many believe so, and that this is a sure harbinger of death, like crows. In 5th century Italy, there was a belief that if a black cat lies on someone’s bed, then this person will become seriously ill or die. In North America, it was believed that if a black cat crossed your path, then you must change it, otherwise, it would bring you bad luck. If a cat appeared during the funeral procession, it was believed that death did not recede and would soon come for another family member. However, these are all superstitions and unconfirmed facts. Many have cats of this color and live happily together for many years. To some extent, it is also a superstition that a black cat would bring good luck and protection to your home.

3rd Superstition

Black cats and superstition can be perceived not only in a negative way. For example, among English sailors, this is considered good luck. They took a black cat with them so that the ship would not sink. A few centuries ago, the wives of sailors also kept such cats at home so that their husbands would return alive from a voyage. Are there sailors or sailors’ wives among our readers? Do you believe in it?

Other Black Cat Facts and Myths

  • In Asia, it is generally accepted that if you want a successful life, then you need to get a black cat.
  • In Japan, a black cat is believed to bring love.
  • If in England a black cat is presented to the bride for a wedding, then her marriage will be happy.
  • In France, a black cat is a harbinger of a miracle.
  • If you dream of a black cat, then you should expect a lucky day, or you would receive good news.
Black Cat Day

Black Cat Day

Due to the various superstitions that we described above, many people do not want to adopt a black cat, but the adoption myth should be destroyed, shouldn’t it? For this very purpose, the National Day for cats of this color was established. Charitable organization “Cat Protection” wants to raise public awareness of the issue of their adoption and create a new positive reputation, because black cats also deserve love, care, and affection. When is National Black Cat Day? It is on the 27th of October. How can you join the celebration?

  • If you have a black cat, treat It. And if your friends also have a cat of the same color, then try running the challenge. Make a video about your pet’s benefits and pass the baton to a friend.
  • If you don’t have a black cat yet, then feel free to go to the shelter and find a faithful friend and therapist for all your problems.

No superstition should get in the way of what you really want. Each cat has its own distinctive features, and black is not the only one. And what is unique about your pet, and why did you choose it among others? Share in the comments. And Happy Black cat day!

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