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Why Does My Cat Have Black Spots on His Gums, Do I Need and How to Treat My Cat

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black spots on cats’ gums

Cats are one of the cleanest animals, so any change in appearance may confuse you. Recently, on the Internet, there are more and more requests from owners who ask for help. What’s the matter? Orange cats may have black spots on cats lips and noses. However, is this a cause for concern, and what does it mean? Before we get into a panic, let’s look at this topic together and draw the appropriate conclusions. Enjoy the reading!

Orange Cat Freckles: What Is the Reason?

Let’s be clear right away that this is not cancer but a genetic disorder. Lentigo Simplex is one of the most common causes of dark spots. Red, fiery, chintz, tabby, and tortoiseshell cats are most often affected by this disease. It is extremely rare for a kitten to develop black spots. But at 1 year or older, it is quite possible. First, small spots on the cat’s nose or lips appear, which make the owner nervous. Then there are more of them. Freckles will increase with age.

What Are the First Signs of Lentigo in Cats?

Black spots on cats’ gums are the first sign, after that they can appear on noses. Sometimes one large pigment can form due to a small group of closely spaced spots. In this case, the spots are harmless. They are characteristic not only of animals but also of humans. Localization of skin defects – gums, palate, nose, lips, chin. Type of spots: on the same level with the mucous membrane or skin, smooth surface, no itching, peeling, pain, discomfort. You can compare them with freckles in humans.

Why Does My Cat Have Black Spots on His Gums?

orange cat lentigo

Black spots in the mouth of a cat appear due to the influence of various factors that determine the type of disease. Causes of occurrence:

  • Improper feeding. For example, giving food from the table. This leads to an imbalance of nutrients, a lack of vitamins, trace elements, and other useful elements.
  • Pet uncleanliness. Often cats do not remove the remnants of food from their faces, which provokes inflammation of the skin.
  • The influence of stress factors.
  • Allergen irritation response. It manifests itself as a rash in places of interaction with an irritant.
  • The negligent attitude of the owners to the cleanliness of the bowls.
  • Genetic disease.

The first 5 reasons can be eliminated, then the animal will return to normal. With the hereditary transmission of black stuff around the cat’s nose and gums, you will have to come to terms with the fact that they will not be removed. They will not harm the cat’s health either.


  • Dark acne;
  • An inflammatory reaction to the mucous membrane of the lower lip;
  • Suppuration and swelling of the rash;
  • The appearance of crusts in the oral cavity.

Cat freckles occur from time to time but more often it is chronic. Let’s find out other possible reasons.


Fungal diseases are rare. The reason for the occurrence is the development of fungi with a decrease in the body’s defenses. This explains the manifestation of symptoms in kittens, weakened after surgery, in older animals. There are no specific signs. The fungus is characterized by the appearance of crusts and dark spots.


Another disease is caused by a conditionally pathogenic organism with a decrease in immunity. It has specific symptoms: inflammation of the conjunctiva, discharge with pus from the eyes and nose, refusal to feed, pigmentation of the oral mucosa. The spots are located on the lips, tongue,e and around the mouth.


Most often, orange cat lentigo is mistaken for cancer. It develops in older cats. It manifests itself in the form of dots and black spots on the gums and mucous membranes, it is a sign of melanoma. This is a malignant neoplasm. In addition to external signs, there is a loss of appetite, apathy, and an exhausted look.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Lentigo Simplex in Cats

cat freckles

Never try to diagnose it by yourself. As you may have noticed, black spots on orange cats’ gums and noses can be both harmless and have dire consequences. Only a veterinarian, after a thorough examination, will be able to make the correct diagnosis. Sometimes, in addition to the usual examination, the veterinarian may need tests and examinations of the samples under a microscope. We have said many times that lentigo is not cancer. And an experienced veterinarian will never confuse these two diagnoses. However, it is worth recognizing that melanoma can imperceptibly disguise itself under lentigo spots. For example, if the spot on the nose is bulging, then contact your veterinarian immediately. Most often this is a common cosmetic defect, like freckles in humans. Therefore, you will not need any treatment. However, for the prevention of more serious diseases associated with cat nose freckles, contact your veterinarian. We, in turn, want to tell you about the benefits of cleaning your cat’s nose. Yes, and the cat’s nose needs to be cleaned. What for? If you hear that your cat is breathing harder, it may be allergic and needs help. However, if a problem such as nasal contamination occurs frequently, contact your veterinarian. How to clean a cat’s nose? It’s very simple because you only need to clean the outside. In addition, proper hygiene helps prevent the appearance of a cat with black spots.

Statistics show that cat mouth black spots or elsewhere will not harm your pet. However, be careful. If you take your cat to the veterinarian, you can find out the correct diagnosis and not be nervous in vain. Have you encountered such a problem? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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