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Blood in a Cat Stool: The Most Common Reasons and Treatment

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blood in a cat stool

Cats are relatively independent pets. However, they also need human help, for example, to give food, pour water or clean the litter box. Your cat’s well-being can often be determined by its behavior, but there are exceptions. Have you ever noticed blood in a cat stool? If you have not, then you are lucky.

However, the information that we will share in the article still can be useful to you. After all, we will tell you what to do if your cat has blood in its stool. If you nevertheless encountered this problem, then you already know that the reasons may be different. Therefore, refreshing for yourself the algorithm of actions in such a situation will not be superfluous.

Blood in Cat Stool: Causes

bloody diarrhea in cats

It is impossible to list all the reasons for blood in cat stool, since it is a symptom of many diseases, as it can be a sign of a pet’s slight malaise. And the only correct answer to the question: “Why is my cat pooping blood?” can only be given by a veterinarian after certain tests. However, let’s try to figure out the most common ones.


The appearance of diarrhea proves that something is wrong with the body. Loose stools can irritate the gastrointestinal tract. And as a result, bloody diarrhea in cats can appear.


Blood vessels rupture as the cat tenses during a bowel movement. A rupture of parts of the gastrointestinal tract is also possible.

Stressful Environment

The stressful state of the cat expresses behavior, for example, aggression or lethargy. It is the stress that can cause the reasons described above (diarrhea and constipation), which will lead to blood in a cat stool.

Parasitic Worms

Bleeding may indicate that your cat has worms and needs treatment. Let us remind newbies and regular readers of our blog that in our last article we described the causes and treatments for these parasites.

Cat Blood in Stool: No Other Symptoms

reasons for blood in cat stool

If you noticed that a pet has a cat bloody stool but acting normal, do not ignore it. Sometimes the color of the blood can tell us about the extent of the problem. If the blood is bright red, then the situation is not so critical, but without treatment, it can worsen. For the start, you can call your veterinarian for a consultation and make an appointment as soon as possible. If the blood is dark red, then you must immediately go to the vet clinic.

Advice! Take a cat’s litter box with you to show the veterinarian, it can help him/her to identify the reason for blood in a cat stool.

Blood in Stool Cats: Treatment

In any case, do not prescribe treatment for the cat yourself. Even if you have experienced bleeding before, this does not guarantee that the previous treatment will work. We have already figured out that the causes of blood in a cat stool can be different. Therefore, we will tell you about a sample treatment process that can be prescribed by a veterinarian.

  • Your veterinarian will examine your pet and take the necessary tests.
  • An acquaintance of the veterinarian with the test results, possibly the appointment of new ones to clarify the reasons.
  • Prescribing essential medications for treatments, such as antibiotics, pain relievers, antiemetics, etc.
  • Re-examination after recovery if necessary.

Also, review your cat’s diet during treatment, it may need a special diet. Undoubtedly, there were cases, all treatment consisted only of a diet without any medication. For example, imagine that you have taken a cat from the street. This is stressful for the animal, as it is surrounded by a new habitat. That is why you can notice blood in a cat stool for several days. Anyway, a cat taken from the street must be examined by a veterinarian.

Not a single person wants his/her pet to feel bad. However, if the appearance of the same fleas or worms can be prevented, then with blood in a cat stool, it is much more complicated. After all, there is no magic pill for everything, is there? We hope that if you encounter such a problem in the future, you will not panic, because you already know what to do. Thank you for reading our article to the end and see you!

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