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Bombay Cat Breed Profile: Origin, Personality, Health and Care Issues

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How rare are Bombay cats? You can safely add these cats to the list of rare breeds, because this is a relatively new breed that conquered everyone with its similarity to Bagheera by Kipling. Despite this, breeders managed to study its main characteristics and give advice to those who want such a friend for themselves. You would be pleasantly surprised by his predatory look and kind character. You can find many interesting facts about the Bombay cat below!

Bombay Cat: Breed Profile

bombay cat personality
  • Origin: United States;
  • Height: 9-13 inches;
  • Weight: 8-15 pounds;
  • Coat: short with black or ebony colors;
  • Temperament: playful, sociable, and intelligent;
  • Lifespan: 9-15 years.

Bombay Cat: Origin

bombay cat characteristics

Unfortunately, a large number of facts from the history of the origin of Bombay cats are not found. There have been theories that they relate to the densely populated Mumbai or island in the Indian Ocean. However, this is not true. The first representatives of the breed appeared on the border of the American states of Kentucky and Indiana. Enthusiastic Nikki Horner from Louisville has set an ambitious goal – to create a domestic copy of a wonderful representative of cats, which is now threatened with extinction – the Indian leopard. If you do not understand who it is, then remember Mowgli’s faithful friend, Bagheera, who had a black tint. Of course, breeders were interested only in visual similarities, not the habits of a large predator. To create an unusual appearance, they used a black American shorthair cat and a Burmese cat of sable color. Work on the hybrid began in 1953. In the mid-’60s, the first kittens appeared, whose exterior corresponded to the plan of the breeder. They immediately caused a sensation among cat lovers from the United States but were able to participate in official exhibitions only a decade later. So where are Bombay cats from? The United States is considered to be the homeland. In 1976 the breed was registered with the CFA, and in 1979 – with the TICA. However, in FiFe, they are not even included in the pre-recognition group.

Bombay Cat: Characteristics

bombay cat eye color

This breed is unusual in that it looks like a wild black panther, only a few times smaller in size. An even greater resemblance to this dangerous predator Bombay cat gives copper-colored eye color. Despite the appearance of the predator, the character of cats is not wild. Its favorite pastime is to purr while lying on the host’s lap.

Bombay Cat: Colors and Coat

It is the color that makes up half of the success of the Bombay cat in the eyes of the professional jury.Solid jet black from tips to roots. Any stains or medallions are a serious flaw. The nose and the pads on the feet should also be black. The duck breed has a short, rather thin, and very tight coat due to the absence of an undercoat. It has a pronounced shine and texture reminiscent of natural silk.

Bombay Cat: Temperament

If you are looking for a cold, independent cat, then this breed is not for you. Bombays are playful, caring, light-hearted, and can take almost any offer from the family, especially if it involves a fun game of catching a ball or cuddling on the couch. Due to their mixed origins, they achieved a pleasant balance between their ancestors. They are very smart and people-oriented, but they won’t haunt you every second of the day. However, if your cat of this breed wants to, then you will definitely agree because they know how to insist on their own. And the basis of Bombay cat’s behavior is addictive. They are very attached to their family and tend to love the whole family rather than keeping in touch with one person. Some breeders say they get along especially well with children. Among the features of Bombay cat’s personality, they like to follow their owners and help them.

Bombay Cat: Size

The growth of this cat finally stops by the age of two, although already at 6-9 months it becomes sexually mature. Usually, it is medium in size, 9-13 inches in height. The normal Bombay cat weight is 5-5.5 kilograms, cats are slightly lighter – 8-15 pounds.

Bombay Cat Care and Health Issues

how rare are bombay cats

Bombays are unpretentious in care. A short smooth coat does not fall off even during molting, so it would be enough to use a rubber brush once every few days. Frequent bathing is not required. Carefully monitor the condition of the eyes, respiratory tract, and ear canals, they need to be cleaned regularly with special tools. Brushing your teeth with veterinary toothpaste would prevent tartar and gum problems. Combined nutrition should be avoided, preferring ready-made foods of premium and superpremium, or natural foods. In the second case, the ratio of meat components and fiber should be 80% and 20%, respectively. Bombay cats are very tidy and mostly not very demanding on the cat litter, so getting used to the tray is quick and painless.

Bombay Cat: Info about Health

  • In general, these cats are considered a breed in good health, but together with the genes of the American shorthair, they have a predisposition to serious cardiovascular disease – hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It does not appear immediately. Anxiety symptoms include shortness of breath and a sharp increase in sleep time.
  • The second line of ancestors inherited a congenital pathology, the so-called Burmese craniofacial defect. Kittens born with it are subject to immediate euthanasia. Unfortunately, there are cases of this disease in many purebred lines.

Therefore, it is important to visit the vet regularly and then the average duration of a Bombay cat’s lifespan would be near 9-15 years. Each member of the feline family is unique in its own way. Therefore, even attempts to recreate the appearance or character traits in the breed do not underestimate this fact. It’s like people – we can have the same eye and hair color, common interests, but even a very insignificant trait makes each of us unique. If you do not believe in superstitions about black cats and are ready to become a faithful and caring friend for your pet, then adopt this breed and you would not regret it. What other interesting Bombay cat facts do you know? Be sure to share in the comments!

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