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Breeds of Cats That Prone to Diseases

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People during a long time engaged in the selection of different beautiful breeds of cats. They try to create amazing eyes cut and shades of colors, unusual features, or rare furs color. Unfortunately, very often these exotic cats are vulnerable to many genetic dangerous diseases.

Beautiful bright blue eyes, dark-colored muzzles, and paws are all features of Siamese cats’ appearance. These incredible cats can live a long life (average 18-20 years). But they also suffer from some genetic diseases that are associated with their vision (especially with the optic nerves). Siamese cats often have strabismus. They reduce their eyes in order to see better the correct shapes of objects. And the body of Siamese cats also can’t tolerate anesthesia. So the sterilization process or surgery is always a big risk.

Here Some Well-Known and Common Diseases:

  • strabismus and other eye diseases (glaucoma);
  • heart defects;
  • upper respiratory diseases;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • diabetes;
  • mental incapacity;
  • vestibular problems;
  • malignant tumors;
  • stomach pituitary.

Despite all their health problems, these cats are amazingly beautiful.

The next “problem” breed is Persian cat, well-known for their flat face. Persian cats are famous for their chic hair and original appearance. But the health of these fluffy beauties leaves much to be desired. The weakest parts of this breed are the eyes and organs of the urinary system. It is also due to their genetic disorders.

Short and curved nasal passages cause breathing difficulties and are often affected by various viruses.

As Siamese, Persian cats suffer from glaucoma and upper respiratory diseases. Besides, tearfulness of eyes, retinal atrophy, gingivitis, tartar, and kidney disorders are very popular for these cats too.

And what about Cornish Rex? The thyroid gland of these cats produces insufficient hormones, which can lead to complete baldness. Special hormone therapy is prescribed for the treatment of the disease.

This is not the whole list. British shorthair, Exotic, Turkish angora, Javanese, Oriental cats, and others also suffer from genetic games.

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