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What Cat Breeds Like Water and Why Do They Pay so Much Attention to Water Games

Aug.23.2021 231
 Breeds Like Water

There is an opinion that cats do not like water and in most cases this is true. However, from an early age, a kitten can be trained to be less wary of water, for example, when bathing. Do you know that there are cat breeds that like water? They most often destroy this myth and become the heroes of numerous videos where the furry enjoys the water. Let’s find out what these breeds are.

What Cat Breeds Like Water?

Cats are naturally curious

Cats are naturally curious, so it’s no surprise that some of them decide to try something new. For example, swimming in the tub. Cat behaviorists have long noticed this love of water in certain breeds far more often than in others.

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora is a swimming cat breed. At first, many owners were surprised at such great attention of their pets to water. Often this feature is explained by excessive curiosity. After all, a cat of this breed from the first days of being in a new house would try to consider absolutely everything. It is very easy to understand if your Angora likes water. Note what the pet does when you wash dishes. Most likely, it would carefully observe you and may even try to catch the drops from the tap with its paw. In the future, you may notice how the cat would run from another room to the sound of pouring water. As you already understood, the process of caring for your cat would also not be difficult. After all, bathing a pet who likes water is much easier, isn’t it?


intelligent and slightly touchy cat breed

Manx is an intelligent and slightly touchy cat breed. One of the main traits is loyalty, but if they do not have enough attention, they may be offended. However, you can go for a trick and again get along with your furry friend. Turn on the water and before you have time to count to 10, Manx would come right away. They like to look at the pouring water. And it doesn’t matter at all whether it is tap water or rain. Therefore, if you are walking with your cat on a leash, you should include a beautiful place with a fountain in your itinerary.


Despite the breed’s disposition to water, they need to be taught to swim as a kitten. Sphynx is on the list of domestic cats that like water. First of all, pay attention that this breed has no wool, so regular grooming is simply necessary, especially bathing. This is why you must instill positive associations with water in your pet. Then your cat would swim in the bathroom and feel like a fish in water. By the way, there is a theory that such a love for water is associated with the construction of the paws of the Sphynxes. The webbed feet are better suited for maneuvering in water than playing on land.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are water-loving cats. Many cats of this breed dip their paws to a bowl before drinking water. Most likely it is a genetic trait. The breed was domesticated relatively recently, and their ancestors could thus clear the water from the leaves before drinking. Therefore, we recommend you buy a metal bowl for your pet so that it cannot turn over. As soon as you turn on the water, all of your pet’s attention would be focused on where it is pouring. Therefore, if you are taking a bath and have not closed the doors tightly, expect company in the form of a curious water lover.


The Abyssinian is an active and playful breed. In addition, they adopted some of the habits of their ancestors. What exactly are we talking about? Many felines are excellent hunters on land and in the water, and swimmers. Therefore, you can often see them playing with water in a bowl or with jets of water from the tap. Moreover, they can climb into the aquarium through the aft hole to catch fish and the water is not a hindrance for them at all. So if you have an Abyssinian in your house, do not forget to close the fish feeding hole in the aquarium with a lid at the time.


Do some cats like water and games in it? Absolutely yes, and these are Bengals. Interest in water does not mean that cats of this breed would plunge into a deep pool with pleasure, but they would gladly put their paws into a bowl of water. Therefore, do not be surprised if you are filling your own bath, and your cat is already there and playing with water. Therefore, try to secure your pet’s future games at home. You can install a small cat fountain. It not only gives the cat a source of water but also combines the place where Bengals play, so it is a real source of pleasure for cats. Like the Abyssinians, Bengals love fishing, so keep your fish safe in the aquarium.

Norwegian Forest

cats that like water

Norwegian Forest are cats that like water. The native land of this breed of cats in Norway, and they can survive in cold and wet conditions. Whether it is raining or snowing, evolution has allowed them to be independent of the weather and adapt to any conditions. They have a thick, waterproof undercoat, and it helps them to stay dry and warm in wet weather. They also can swim without causing any cold. Since they are excellent hunters, they are famous for swimming and fishing not only in the aquarium but also in the shallow pond. So, if you have an aquarium at home, make sure that your cat cannot get to its abodes. There is an interesting story that it was cats of this breed that often traveled with the Vikings during their campaigns. They helped prevent rats from getting on the boat.

If you have a cat of one of these breeds, you are lucky because it is much easier to accustom them to water. They may of course be interested in water, but also be wary of it. Therefore, do not think that since your cat is on the list of water lovers, then you can bathe it without preparing before. Plus, there are always exceptions. Perhaps it is your pet who is wary of water. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon!

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