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Can Cats Eat Apples or Not | What Benefit or Harm Will an Apple Bring to Your Cat

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can cats eat apples

Your cat loves to eat something tasty, doesn’t it? However, do you know which product will be useful and which one can harm your pet? It is impossible to know for sure. But what do you think of fruits? Can cats eat apples? In our article, we will try to answer not only this question but others as well. For instance, are apples poisonous to cats or not?

Do Cats Like Apples?

If people most often choose what to eat with their eyes, then with cats the opposite is true. Smells are the main factor of choice. Through their sense of smell, cats can determine whether they like something or not. However, apples are considered the exception to the rule. Cats are very curious, so they are interested in trying the same things as their owners. And whether they like the apple or not, you can only find out by trying it.

Can Cats Eat Apples?

Although cats are carnivores, foods high in sugar are not recommended. Cats can eat apples in moderation. It is also very important to peel and seed apples. If you decide to include this fruit in cats’ diet, then you need to reconsider the number of calories per day.

An apple should appear in the diet of cats no more than twice a week. since it contains fiber and in case of excess, diarrhea is possible. Also, excessive consumption of apples can lead to dehydration of the animal, which will be fatal.

Can Cats Drink Apple Juice?

Apple juice will not harm your cat, especially if it regularly eats meat. it is this factor that is often decisive in deciding on the juice. You can also add a few drops of juice to scent food if your cat likes the scent. Apple juice should only be considered a dietary supplement and not cat food. At the same time, the juice should not contain seeds, since they contain cyanide, which is toxic to cats even in very small quantities. If you do decide to treat your cat with apple juice, it is better to let it be freshly squeezed juice than bought in a store.

Can Cats Eat Apple Pie?

You can please your cat with a slice of apple pie. However, you need to be careful with the recipe. And best of all, if you make it especially for the cat. Limit the addition of sugar and other spices, such as cinnamon, to your apple pie recipe.

Are Apples Good for Cats?

are apples bad for cats

An apple is a fruit that is rich in nutritional vitamins and minerals. Correctly including this fruit in your cat’s diet has several benefits.

  • Strengthens the immune system and serves as an antiviral component.
  • It is believed that apples can help obese cats.
  • Promotes muscle strengthening.

Are apples toxic to cats? As you already understood, a peeled apple is absolutely safe and even good for your pet.

Are Apples Bad for Cats?

If your cat has a medical condition, such as diabetes, then eating apples can be horrendous. As we said above, the apple itself is not toxic if the seeds are removed from it. If your cat eats even one seed, the outcome can be fatal. Be sure to check with your veterinarian if you can give your cat apples. If it turns out that yes, then do not experiment at first. Cut the apple into cubes and treat it to your pet. If tests have shown that apples are contraindicated, then not only do not give apples but also make sure that the cat does not accidentally taste them.

Now you know that the words cat and apples can not only stand next to each other but make sense. Do not restrict your cat in food because such restrictions can lead to vitamin deficiencies. Fresh or baked apples will not harm your pet. The main thing is to remember the permissible norms. After all, if you overeat a product, you may feel bad, don’t you? In this, we are alike with cats. Sure you don’t want your cat to feel some symptoms of the diseases. We hope this article helped you find answers to your questions. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon in our new article, which will be just as interesting and useful!

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