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My Cat Is Eating Rice: Is White or Brown Rice Safe for Cats or Is It Inappropriate Food

Jun.14.2021 113
can cats have rice

All over the world, people eat rice in a variety of ways. This high-calorie crop is rich in carbohydrates and also contains small amounts of B vitamins, manganese, and iron. However, do cats eat rice, and is it safe? Rice is not among the toxic foods and plants that can harm our pets. However, the answer depends on age, health status, and how much, often, and what kind of rice (white or brown) your cat will eat. So let’s figure it out.

Is Rice Safe for Cats?

is rice safe for cats

Cats have a rather sensitive stomach. Even generally healthy animals can suffer from various digestive disorders, including diarrhea. The latter can lead to the development of several secondary problems caused by dehydration. So, can cats have rice? A small amount of cooked rice mixed with regular food can improve digestion by strengthening stools and stopping diarrhea, thereby preventing dehydration. Soft and moist rice is easy to digest. When consumed in moderation, it does not cause side effects. By the way, people began to add it to cat’s food for a long time, many feeds contain cereals, for example, rice, wheat, corn.

Is Brown Rice Good for Cats?

Brown rice in your cat’s diet is normal. It is high in fiber and, like white rice, is a remedy for constipation. Can cats eat brown rice instead of white? If the choice is between white and brown rice, veterinarians advise the first one.

Rice in Cat Food: Negative Aspects

The carbohydrates in rice are good but cats are predators. This means that the main food for them is meat. Rice does not contain enough protein, and it is the source of energy for all types of felines. Rice has no significant nutritional value for the feline body. In addition, it can cause increased gassing. For a long time, rice was by no means recommended for feeding cats. High-quality feed eliminates the need for any nutritional supplements. Feeding cats rice too often can lead to malnutrition, even if the cat eats a lot. Of course, this can seriously affect your pet’s health. The cat’s body is not adapted to assimilate plant foods. You can treat rice as a filler. After all, it can cause many digestive disorders. What’s more, if your pet is not used to rice, it may feel nauseous. A diet high in rice disrupts the development of newborns or young kittens. Therefore, if you are still thinking: “Can kittens eat rice or not”? In theory, they can but do not give it to them. As you can understand, rice causes many more problems than it provides benefits, among which, perhaps, only the fight against diarrhea.

Cat Is Eating Rice but What about Alternatives?

can cats eat brown rice

If you want to diversify your pet’s diet with human food, then seek help from your veterinarian. He/she will be able to advise you on safe and even helpful options. The main thing to remember is that if you are preparing food for your cat, do not use salt, sugar, onions, spices, or garlic. These ingredients can be toxic to cats. Choose lean meats and you won’t go wrong, such as chicken, liver, or fish (tuna or salmon). Veterinarians often advise kittens to feed boiled eggs as they transition from breast milk to a regular diet. Sometimes pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, bananas, and watermelon can make a good snack. However, only in moderation. If you’re looking for a way to help treat your cat’s mild diarrhea, many veterinarians will recommend fasting until your cat’s digestive system recovers on its own. Sometimes experts can advise when returning to eating food, mix it with rice. However, this depends on the cause of your cat’s diarrhea. By the way, on the pages of our blog you can also find useful information:

Can cats digest rice? To some extent, yes, but this is not the best kind of food for your furry friend. Did you give rice to your pet? If so, did it like it and how did it feel? Share your experience with other readers in the comments. Don’t miss the new updates to our blog. We are glad to have you with us. Thank you and see you again very soon in new articles!

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