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Can Cats Have Almond Milk?

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are almonds toxic to cats

There is no more harmonious picture than a cat drinking milk. It seems to be the first association that arises at the mention of a purring creature.

Think back to yourself, what did you do when you brought home a malnourished and hungry kitten? The first thing you did was look for a carton of milk in the refrigerator. It seemed to us that the product that cows produce is the perfect and basic food for kitties.

And the poor animals greedily drank it because they were very hungry. So, better milk than nothing.

But how is it really? Do cats like the milk that animals produce or, for example, can cats have almond milk or some other vegan milk.

Cats and Almond Milk: Yes or No?

is almond milk safe for cats

Let’s first break down the subject of milk itself and should cat be fed milk?

We will say that at present it is not necessary. Milk will be the only thing you find in your refrigerator.

While in the past we could believe that manufacturers provided natural cow’s milk in their products, now the situation is rather different.

Today’s supermarkets offer us many different milk producers. But we are more likely to find a dairy product there rather than milk in its pristine (pasteurized) form.

In addition, there is a problem called “lactose intolerance”. Yes, we know that there is such a character among people. But organisms of most modern cats also don’t produce the enzyme “lactase” which helps to digest lactose.

This finicky lactose cannot penetrate the intestinal wall on its own without the help of lactase. It also takes up all the liquid (water) from the body as it moves through the digestive tract.

This process, in turn, negatively affects the entire digestive process. So, the poor cat will suffer from bloating, upset stomach, and may have stool problems (plus diarrhea and excessive gas).

Many and experienced owners can say that they give their pets milk and observe no negative effects on the well-being of the animals. But this is only at first glance, but maybe you are the cat who has no complaints about lactose.

Lactose-Free Milk or Can I Give My Cat Almond Milk?

can cats have almond milk

But if you really want to give your cat lactose-free milk, or if he looks at you greedily when you drink almond milk, you can give him a taste. Our answer is yes to the question “Is almond milk safe for cats?”

But on top of everything else, we want to add that both lactose-free and almond milk have no benefit or nutritional value for cats. It’s not harmful or helpful, just like something you might give a once-in-a-lifetime taste.

Can Cats Eat Almond Milk and Are Almonds Toxic to Cats?

I guess we first need to understand how almonds themselves are safe for cats to answer the question “Are almonds poisonous to cats?” There is evidence that this tasty and healthy nut is toxic to cats. But cats would have to eat huge amounts of almonds to be poisoned or experience toxic side effects. But we have no idea under what circumstances a pet would eat nuts. And you are not advised to force them to do so.

Have you ever seen almond milk being made? It’s essentially a mixture of plain water mixed with ground almonds. This mixture is then strained from the almond particles to get just a liquid and white mixture called “almond milk”.

Still, Is Almond Milk Good for Cats?

can cats eat almond milk

If you are one of the experimentalists or those people who think their cats should try everything in the world, then you can give him almond milk or any other vegetable milk that does not contain lactose. But be extremely careful with soy milk, it is more difficult for cats’ delicate digestive systems.

Is Almond Milk Bad for Cats or Are There Any Alternatives?

As we said, there is nothing dangerous about almond milk. We just have a quiz question – why would you give almond milk to a predator?

You may be surprised but water is the best thing for animals like cats.

And if you want to give your cat a real treat then always make sure the water in his bowl is clean (it doesn’t stagnate). And it is better to place water containers in different points of the apartment so that your furry cat always has access to clean water. Ordinary water not only quenches thirst but also helps all digestive processes.

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