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Can Cats See Ghosts?

Feb.26.2021 432
can cats see ghosts and demons

Everyone knows that animals, unlike we humans, are more susceptible to natural events. Miraculous abilities allow them to sense the oncoming of natural disasters, like tornados and floods, changes in the weather, and they even relieve pain and stress. There are many cases and examples when a cat helped and warned its owner, for example, about the beginning of an earthquake or a fire. But do cats protect you from demons for real? Or all the cases can be scientifically explained?

It turns out that the topic of paranormal abilities in cats goes deep into history. They have been believed to have supernatural powers since the ancient Egyptians tamed them. In the beginning, cats were bred to fight with rodents, but later they turned into an object of idolizing. Cats have become objects of beauty, home, and fertility.

Cats Have Special Eyesight

The magical ability and the question “Do cats ward off evil spirits?” were explained by the peculiarities of the eyes- their uncommon ability to see when it is dark outside. Moreover, if you look more attentively, you can see the magical glow of their eyes. However, from a scientific and medical point of view, this is quite simple to explain. On the cat’s eyes, the extraordinary photoreceptors are located, in an amount larger than humans have. They allow them to see in the dark.

And the glow is explained by the availability of a special “reflector”, due to which the light is used with the maximum profit, and is not absorbed by the retina, as in humans. In fact, they only see in two basic colors- blue and yellow, while our vision allows us to see three colors. And everything that is at a distance from five centimeters to eight meters in front of them seems vague.

What Do Cats Do When They See a Ghost?

cats and the supernatural

All owners sometimes but noticed weird behavior in their pet. Some explain this by the fact that the cat saw a ghost. “Inappropriate” behavior of cats may look like:

  • Cat arches its back, hisses, lifts its tail, and jumps.
  • It looks carefully at one point and doesn’t move.
  • It begins to hiss and suddenly runs out of the room.
  • It plays joyfully with something, running around the room, although there are no toys in its paws.

Other No Less More Interesting Abilities That Cats Have

are cats spiritual guardians

In addition to the unusual eyesight, cats also have excellent hearing. Trying to catch mice, the cat relieves the sounds from the movements of the intended victim. The human ear is not able to catch this weak sound, but the hunting instinct is triggered in cats. Moreover, cats are gifted with an amazing sense of smell, so they can smell from a really great distance. In most cases, this explains the strange behavior of pets.

Another explanation for the strange actions lies in the cat’s nature. Even adult cats are prone to play when they are bored. Thus, jumping and hissing can just be a playable element. So, don’t be scared when your cat begins to twist its ears, it just hears a sound coming from somewhere. This ability is inherent in cats due to the size and mobility of their ears, which work like locators. For example, they are used to eavesdrop on conservations at a distance in spy movies. Cat ears are also able to determine where exactly a sound is coming from. Humans can locate the source of sound within 20 degrees, while cats locate it within 5 degrees.

There is even a mystery story about a grandmother and her cat. The woman lived with her pet for almost all her life. After she died, her grandson together with his family moved to the apartment. The cat behaved in a friendly and quiet way with the owners. But when the anniversary of the death came, the animal started sitting for hours in front of the door and looked at it all the time. Sometimes the cat meowed, and it seemed that it was talking to someone. The family discovered the unusual behavior of the pet and due to this, they always remember the anniversary of the death of their grandmother.

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