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What Can I Do about My Cat’s Bad Breath and How to Define the Real Cause

Jan.12.2022 26
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Have you met people with bad breath? We dare to assume that yes. Sometimes it is a lack of hygiene, or it is associated with stomach problems, which give an unpleasant odor. Do cats have bad breath? Of course, yes, but many owners believe that this is normal for animals. As with humans, this can signal danger to your pet’s health. That’s why we often discuss the importance of dental care with our regular readers. Therefore, let’s find out how to deal with cat bad breath and what are the most common causes!

What Causes Bad Breath in Cats?

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More than 70% of adult cats have problems with bad breath caused by diseases. And it can be their first sign and the opportunity for the owner to detect the problem in time and contact the veterinarian. Up to three years of age, this is usually due to poor hygiene, such as using a toothbrush that does a poor job of brushing your teeth. There are reasons for cat stinky breath, which we will describe below.

1st Dental Problem: Periodontal Disease

Most often, veterinarians diagnose pets with a bad smell of an infection caused by the accumulation of soft plaque on the surface of the teeth – periodontal disease. Feline bad breath may not be the only problem because plaque build-up can lead to tartar and infect the bones around the teeth. Ignoring this problem over time would lead to biting pain, bleeding gums, and tooth loss. To cope with neglected plaque and tartar, you would need the help of a specialist. Your pet would be X-rayed to assess the condition of the oral cavity and under general anesthesia would carry out all the necessary procedures.

2nd Dental Problem: Stomatitis

If you notice that it hurts your pet to open its mouth and, upon examination, find inflammation of the gums, then most likely it has stomatitis. In addition to the bad smell, the cat would experience painful sensations and may refuse food and even water. Veterinarians encounter this at least 3-4 times a year in their practice and treatment usually consists of cleaning and removing some teeth. Your pet may also be prescribed antibiotics. As you can already understand, the veterinarian will not treat cat mouth smell bad, but stomatitis. And with successful treatment, the smell will disappear. Inexperienced owners often torture stomatitis with a common cold, because the cat can also have a runny nose, sneezing, and discharge from the eyes. Therefore, you should not play doctor. If you notice any symptoms, immediately take your pet for an examination to a vet clinic. So what can I do about my cat’s bad breath? You should know the possible reasons not to deal with the treatment yourself, but to react to the situation in time.

3rd Dental Problem: Cancers

Oral mucosa cancer is often aggressive and can spread to both jaws. Smelly cat breath is not the first symptom, in the beginning, there is a loss of appetite or weight loss with a normal diet. You may also notice bloody saliva from your pet. Unfortunately, even experienced veterinarians may not detect cancer by visual examination, but this is possible with dental treatment. Sometimes it happens that cancer does not show any symptoms until late. Therefore, when you take a pet from a shelter or buy from a breeder, always ask about its pedigree and hereditary diseases. If you find that your pet’s parents have had cancer, you will have more frequent health checks, and the chance of finding a problem is higher.

4th Dental Problem: Kidney Disease

Among cats, bad breath causes not only those associated with the oral cavity but also other diseases, such as kidney disease. Sometimes bad breath indicates a health problem that occurs on the outside of the mouth. It usually occurs in cats 8 years of age and older. Apart from this obvious, cats can feel lethargic, lose weight, drink more water, and urinate more often and in large quantities. Therefore, an experienced veterinarian, when complaining about a cat and bad breath, will look at the whole picture and check not only the condition of the teeth. It is usually treated by changing the pet’s diet. And remember, the earlier you see a specialist, the higher the chance of recovery.

5th Dental Problem: Diabetes

“My cat has bad breath and any problems with oral dental”. Such comments are not rare on the Internet. But, sometimes, owners forget about other diseases like diabetes. Of course, it is not the main sign, but you should pay attention to this. With a bad smell, your cat can always be first. At the same time, more urine is formed, and the pet begins to urinate more often and more voluminously, and the urine itself becomes lighter, more transparent, and contains glucose. Therefore, sometimes the first sign that the owner notices is sticky marks from the pet’s paws on the floor or other surfaces in the apartment. Also, in uncomplicated diabetes, there may be an increase in appetite. But, despite the increased or normal appetite, the animal begins to lose weight.

How Can I Make My Cat’s Breath Smell Better?

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To prevent most of the causes of bad odor, dental care is worth considering. Get in the habit of brushing your pet’s teeth regularly. If you already have an adult cat, and it is difficult for you to accustom it to this procedure, then you can at least wipe its teeth. There is no such cat bad breath treatment, but there are actions that can help prevent or cope with the smell. If the problems are in the teeth, then after removing those that cannot be saved, the smell should disappear. So how to help cat bad breath? You should estimate a cause first, and only then resolve the problems.

Does your cat have a problem with the bad odor? Share in the comments!

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