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Cat Breeds with Large Eyes: These Cats Will Amaze You with Their Look

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One of the unique characteristics of pets is the size of their eyes. Cat breeds with big eyes are very cute, and when your furry friend looks at you and asks for something, it can be difficult for you to refuse. With their eyes, cats can communicate and even tell what they need.

However, there is an opinion that it is not worth looking into the eyes of a pet for a long time because they can take it as a challenge. But when your pet looks you in the eyes, try to understand the reason. By the eyes and how the pupils are dilated, you can understand the emotions that your pet is experiencing at a certain moment. Medically speaking, cats with large eyes do not have a higher predisposition to eye diseases. It all depends not on the type of eyes, but the characteristics of the breed. Therefore, let’s consider what these breeds are and their main features!

Most Popular Cat Breeds with Large Eyes

big-eyed cat breed

Perhaps some breeds may surprise you, and some may not. But quite often, people are specifically looking for a pet with big eyes, like Puss in Boots in the famous cartoon about Shrek.

Devon Rex

cat with huge eyes

The most striking feature of a cat of this breed is its curly hair. However, it is also known as one of the cat breeds with big round eyes. A slender and proportional body, big eyes, and wide ears attract the attention of everyone around you, so you would definitely fall in love with this cat at first sight. The eyes are set obliquely, but at a sufficient distance from each other, which makes the appearance of this cat mysterious. It can have all shades of eye color, but most often they have light green or blue eyes.


cute cats with big eyes

Sphynx is a cat with really big eyes but most often this breed is recognized as hairless. Its particular personality is its human gaze. Many owners have repeatedly mentioned that it seems to them that a person is looking at them, and not their favorite pet. According to the breed standard, most often their eyes resemble a lemon since they taper in the same way with a wide middle part. There are no restrictions on the color of the eye, but most often such colors predominate – blue, green, and gray. This is a rather intelligent and understanding breed, so you would find not only a pet but also a true friend.

Scottish Fold

cats with large eyes

Scottish Fold cats have the most distinctive feature, and it is their ears, which appear to be folded and resting on the head. But one should not ignore the fact that it is a cat with huge eyes, which makes it looklooks very cute. Eyes colors include copper, gold, blue, and green but most often the color is in harmony with the shade of the coat. Their open and friendly look immediately disposes you to love and take care of such a pet.


big-eyed kitty

Tonkinese is a large-eyed cat. If, If you look in the kitten’s eyes of this breed, you may not be able to look away. Besides large round eyes, these cats also have exotic colors such as turquoise, blue, purple, or gold. It has interesting colors and genes since the breeders bred this cat from the other two, so it is sometimes difficult to predict which genes would appear more. But the kitten would definitely inherit the expressive look and almond-shaped eyes. This breed is in good health, so if you keep checking its health regularly, your pet will live a long and happy life.


cat breeds with large eyes

Abyssinian is a cat with the biggest eyes, almond-shaped with a fairly wide landing at a small angle. An Oriental or completely round incision is not allowed due to the standard. Shining eyes can be painted in any shade, from amber to green. Have a black stroke regardless of suit. In the presence of a silver color, green eye color is desirable. This area always has a thin light halo in the tone of the undercoat. Dark lines in the corners of the eyes visually extend the contours of the upper eyelid.


cat breeds with big round eyes

The breed owes its bright, wild charisma to its exotic color and athletic build, thanks to which all representatives are very similar to a leopard. Female Females cats are always smaller than males, but their grace is purely external. The breed is characterized by large, almond-shaped eyes with the outer corners raised to the temples. The second mandatory requirement of the standard is the distance between the organs of vision, which exceeds the length of one eye. The color of the iris is not tied to the suit and can be any color, except for a blue tint.

Japanese Bobtail

cat with giant eyes

This is a long-legged muscular cat with an oriental face and a funny pom-pom instead of the usual tail. The most advantageous from an aesthetic point of view are males because they are usually larger and heavier than females. This big-eyed cat is prone to heterochromia. This is a situation where the eyes are colored differently. In cats, this anomaly is found in individuals of white color. But the white shade of the coat arises from the absence of a certain pigment, therefore one eye in such pets is usually blue, and the second can be of any more familiar shade.

Cornish Rex

cat with really big eyes

It is a cat with giant eyes, and also is known as a hypoallergenic breed. The slanting oval eyes are located quite widely to each other. The pigmentation of the iris is rich and matches the color of the animal. But the color of this breed can be different and surprise you, both in the type of points and in the main color. Monochrome or classic tabby – the breed is really rich in all kinds of colors. Siamese drawing is not uncommon. Check your pet’s eyes regularly for any discharge, remembering to wipe them with a cotton swab daily. Please note that this procedure is especially disliked by representatives of this breed, so in order to avoid problems, wait until your pet is in a playful and supportive mood.


cat with the biggest eyes

Singapura is another big-eyed cat breed that can become your best fluffy friend. This is a miniature breed, so its expressive eyes make it very cute. Therefore, do not be surprised if your pet does a dirty trick, and you cannot scold him for it. It has almond-shaped eyes, which are set obliquely and quite wide – at a distance not less than the width of the eye. The color is usually yellow-green, yellow, or green with no other color impurities. Since the ancestors of this breed were street cats, they have excellent health. And to keep it that way, you need to follow the vaccination schedule and visit the veterinarian.


cat breeds with eyes

Persian is one of the most popular fluffy cat breeds with big eyes. They have wide eyes and their color usually corresponds to a certain color. The combination of light blue eyes and white color is very much appreciated. Copper and orange eyes match the standard for any color cat. White Persian cats can have multi-colored eyes, for example, one is light blue, the other is orange. Retinal atrophy, which usually begins at an early age and progresses rapidly, can cause your pet a lot of trouble – the kitten can become completely blind by the age of four months.


types of cats with big eyes

Burmese are cute cats with big eyes. It has expressive, almost round, wide-set eyes. Sapphire blue, their color can range from light blue to dark blue. A darker eye tint is preferred according to the standard. Diseases of a hereditary and genetic nature in representatives of this breed are rare, and all thanks to careful selection. The character of the cat is quite calm, even balanced, that is, it cannot be called overly passive or too violent. It differs in extreme curiosity, literally pokes its nose everywhere. At the same time, it is too persistent, even to the point of obsession, knows how to achieve from the owners what it wants and its expressive eyes play a big role in this.

Russian Blue

fluffy cat breeds with big eyes

Russian Blue is another popular big-eyed kitty. These cats have a triangular head and round wide eyes that always seem to be looking at you, except when the cat is asleep. The most interesting thing in the eyes of this breed of cat is that all kittens are born yellow. As the kitten grows older, its eyes would gradually turn green, which is the expected eye color of this cat with big eyes. An examination of the animal’s eyes is carried out daily. If dirt is found on the mucous membrane of the eyelid, it should be removed with a napkin or clean handkerchief. What are other types of cats with big eyes you know? Of course, we could not add to the list and describe absolutely all breeds, because there are really a large number of them. However, you can supplement this list yourself. If you think that some cat must be on it, then write the breed and one interesting fact about it in the comments. By the way, don’t forget to keep your pet’s eyes clean, regardless of eye size!

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