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Why Do Cats Cuddle: Are They Like It and Is There Any Benefit from Cuddling with a Cat

Apr.28.2021 290
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We have already discussed with you the behavior of your cats many times. However, today we will bring up the topic of cat cuddles. Have you ever wondered what it means and why not all cats like it? Sometimes a person’s actions are not always clear to us, perhaps we also cannot understand the true reason for such behavior by a cat. It is better not to guess but try to figure it out. Why cats giving hugs and whether there is any benefit from it. Enjoy the reading!

Do Cats Like to Cuddle?

do cats cuddle

Do not forget that the ancestors of cats were predators. Therefore, physical contact is not as important for them as it is for dogs, and even more so for humans. However, this does not mean that they do not need it at all. For example, Persian cats have a positive attitude towards affection and hugs. If your cat did not like it when he was a kitten and an adult cat, then after 8 years it will need them. Only by observing the behavior of the pet, you can understand whether it likes something or not. Therefore, let’s find out what may be the reasons when you should not wait for cuddling with a cat.

  • Genetics plays an important role. When you choose a cat breed, you read about temperament, care features, etc. So, some breeds are more friendly f, while others prefer loneliness even when they live in a family. Of course, the upbringing and environment in which the cat lives also affect. If you get the kitten to hug, then it may continue to like it when it grows up. By the way, you can read about breeds here.
  • We have already mentioned the importance of the habitat. Now let’s take a closer look. Socializing your pet should start as early as possible if you want it to get used to you. Try to pick up the cat as often as possible. Perhaps this does not guarantee a hug in the future but it will affect the cat’s temperament. The cat will not perceive you as an intruder on its territory.

Why Do Cats Cuddle?

If your cat likes to cuddle, then have you never wondered why? Let’s take a look at the three most common reasons so you can understand the reason for this affection in a specific case.

  • Your cat needs warmth. It has long been no secret that cats love the warmth and often go to such places for rest. If you live in an apartment, then your pet cannot go outside and bask in the sun. And the heat from your laptop is not the most reliable source. Yes, don’t be surprised! Perhaps, you thought why the cat lays down on a working laptop? Human warmth is a great alternative. It is one of the reasons why cats are hugging people.
  • Your cat needs protection. Kitty cuddling is explained by the need for a mother, for protection. Since the animal has not yet cognized the world. Also, kittens are constantly together with brothers/sisters. It makes them feel protected. Many cats do not outgrow this feeling. And subconsciously they repeat this model of behavior but with the owner.
  • This is an attempt to get closer to you. You make life much easier for the cat. It does not need to look for a warm place to sleep outside or its food. Therefore, in this way, the cat wants to show its gratitude and affection for you. Isn’t it nice to you? Let’s be honest, the owners love this kind of love from the pet.

Cats Hugging Humans: How Does This Happen

cats giving hugs

If your cat is interested in cuddling, then you probably want to reinforce this habit. Then here are some tips for you:

  • Often hold your pet like a newborn, clutching it to your chest. However, do not squeeze while cuddling.
  • Don’t forget to scratch behind the ear or something like this. So it will have pleasant associations with this process.
  • If you see that your cat does not want to cuddle, then release it. Forcing a pet is a failed move.

The Benefits of Cats Snuggling

Snuggling can keep your pet healthy and in a good mood. This has a beneficial effect on stress prevention. And also studies have shown that it is capable of providing the development of respiratory tract infections. Whatever the reason, if a cat hugs, it means it likes this process: they feel your warmth and love. You, too, will enjoy and relieve stress after a hard day at work.

Do cats cuddle? Yes, they do. And we have even identified possible reasons. Is your cat hugging? Share with us in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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