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Cat Grass: Why Do Cats Eat It?

Aug.07.2020 227
why do cats eat grass
  • Grass helps to get rid of the wool lumps from the stomach.
  • Animals like to bite the houseplants and therefore people buy special herbs to put into a pot end to stop a cat from doing this.
  • Green plants contain many useful nutrients for cats.

With This in Mind, There Are Many Theories

  • The first theory. Cats have invented their way of getting rid of the trash from their gastrointestinal tract. In other words, they eat grass to induce vomiting.
  • The second theory. The cat’s organism can’t synthesize the enzymes (vitamins) that are necessary for their health and immune system. For example, folic acid is in the leaves of plants. It has the property to support the immunity and blood system of our furry friends along with vitamin B9.

The grass is really good for cats but you don’t have to force your pet to eat it. If a cat is indifferent about eating plants, it means that it doesn’t need these elements.

Which Grass Is Good for Cats and Which One You Need To Avoid?

You know, cats understand which grass they should eat by themselves, they can choose the grass they want and like.

Don’t be so quick, you don’t need to run after herbs that grow on your street. Such grass can contain chemicals or worm larvae (or fleas). You can imagine where it goes.

Also, there are domestic plants that are dangerous for your pet’s life, such as calendula, geranium, lily of the valley, all plants with bulbs (tulips), violets, and hellebore. This is not the whole list, we have only described the plants that people most often grow in an apartment. You can learn about all toxic plants for cats here.

What Kind of Grass Can You Buy or Grow at Home for Your Cat?

You can buy both germinated grass and seeds from which you can grow your grass at home. These plants include wheat, barley, and oats. Although they cannot be called grass, they are grain. Their sprouts are very tasty and useful for all cats. You can buy any of these plants at veterinary stores and pharmacies. But before you do, it’s best to consult a doctor.

How Can You Grow Plants for Your Cat at Home?

cats eating grass

It’s very simple, you’ll need the next things:

  1. Soil (you can take a lightweight primer that’s available in a flower shop or a black soil).
  2. The seeds of the plant (they are sold in pet stores and pharmacies).
  3. Container for cultivation (pot or deep plate).
  4. Polyethylene bag, plastic wrap (to create a greenhouse effect).

There is another option of growing cat grass – on thin gauze. The growing process is very simple. If you have never planted anything, a short instruction for you:

First, soak the seeds in water and leave them for a few hours. Sprinkle the soil in a container and place the seeds there and then sprinkle with a thin layer of soil (up to 2 cm) on top. Fill the seeds and cover them with plastic wrap or a usual package.

Here we go! After a few days, you can see the germinated crop and treat your favorite cat.

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