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What Does Cat Head Butting Mean and What Are the Reasons of Such Cat’s Behavior

Jun.25.2021 288
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When we are happy to see someone, we can hug the person. Therefore, when we see a similar manifestation in cats, we often attribute it to the joy of meeting. For example, cat head butting. People are used to thinking that this is a kind of hug and greetings of their owner. However, is everything so unambiguous, or perhaps this behavior means something else? Let’s figure it out together!

What Does Head Butting Look Like?

Head butting is a cat behavior, which is quite normal. Usually, cats will stroke something or someone with their head and rub their cheeks on any part of an object or body that is next to them. It can also be light bangs of the head against such objects: walls, chairs, furniture, etc.

What Does Cat Head Butting Mean?

why do cats headbutt you

Cats have scent glands all over their bodies. They often use them for a specific purpose – to leave their scent on objects, including you. Many experts argue that this behavior is used for social purposes. That is, if the cat has brought its muzzle closer to your face, you should not take a leave, let it demonstrate trusting behavior. People often mistakenly think that this is just a means of designating territory but it is much more. Transferring odors is not an easy process. While cats use smells to mark their territory, the cat headbutt meaning also lies in creating a sense of closeness and respect. In addition, this behavior can be an attempt to gain attention, especially if your cat rests its head on you and then tilts it or turns it to the side. In any case, remember that the meaning depends a lot on the situation. If these are objects, then the label of territories, if there are other animals, then the establishment of social ties. And why do cats headbutt you? If this concerns you, then both options are suitable here. It also resembles a cat’s cuddle.

Cat Body Language: Head Butting on Furniture but not on Me

Don’t be upset about this. All cats are different. Even pets of the same breed can have different characters. Take a closer look at your cat’s behavior. Surely it shows its affection for you in some other way. For example, it goes to bed with you or asks for affection only from you.

Can Head Butting Be Confused with Something?

cat headbutt meaning

Pet owners can sometimes confuse this with head pressuring. The latter is when the cat rests its head against a wall or furniture. Typically, pressing on the cat’s head is accompanied by abnormal vocalization or other strange behavior, such as partial or complete disorientation. According to many experts, head pressuring and the ensuing symptoms are usually caused by central nervous system problems. In other words, when there is a problem with the brain, the head is compressed and, as a result, the head is pressed against objects.

Whatever the reason, head butting is a habit. Therefore, you should not be afraid of it. We are interested to know about our readers. What is your cat butting against? How does your pet get your attention? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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