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Most Popular Cats on Instagram: Choose Whose Account to Subscribe

Oct.11.2021 145
Popular Cats on Instagram

Thousands of funny photos and videos about cats have been on the Internet for a long time. Therefore, it is not surprising that many owners have registered their pets on social networks. This content is very popular on Instagram. Therefore, we conducted a small investigation and selected some cat Instagram accounts that we want to tell you about today!

What Are the Most Popular Cats on Instagram?

If you think that following the life of cats on Instagram is not interesting, then we have something to argue with you. This would help you take your mind off your problems, have some fun, and even spy on some cool tips for new toys or treats.


You’ve definitely seen the grumpy cat’s merch at least once. It has become a brand for a long time, because you can find a postcard for any holiday with the image of this cat – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, etc. Many subscribers are wonder about ca’s biography, who are its owners, and how it lives, because all posts on Instagram have different locations, but one theme – grumpy and at the same time funny cat. Hundreds of thousands of people started posting their cats with #GrumpyCat. This best cat Instagram account has about 2.4 million subscribers and usually 2-5 new posts per month.


This year, Queen of Fluff turned 7 years old, and Instagram about this amazing British Longhair cat appeared in 2016. It is one of the famous Instagram cats. The first post shows brothers and sisters as little kittens. Therefore, more than 2000 posts talk about the growing up of this cat over the years. The year 2021 is already coming to an end, but there is a cool calendar. Perhaps in 2022, you would be able to purchase such a new souvenir. Do you know what impressed us the most? In 2017, a manicure design was made with the Smoothie image. It sounds cool, doesn’t it? The account has about 1.9 million.


For 4 years, everyone can watch the interesting life and travels of the cat Suki, so to some extent, this is also a blog about travel. Of course, this topic was not chosen right away. In the first posts, it is still a kitten who is just getting used to the new owners and the environment that surrounds it. It quickly became the top cat on Instagram. Recently, Suki often began to appear in the company of a new friend – the dog Killua. So we can say that now this is an account about two friends with 1.9 million subscribers. They even have their own YouTube channel.


Coby is one of the funniest white cats on Instagram. The first post appeared in June 2015 and there was a cute white kitten. Now it even has its own TikTok account. “When I’m not in your feed, I’m begging to be fed” – this is the phrase subscribers associate with Coby. At first glance, there is nothing unusual in the photo and video, but this simplicity has won the hearts of followers. It has also become popular to mark Coby in posts where other cats do similar actions or look very similar to it. This account has 1.9 subscribers.


Princess Aurora is one of the Instagram famous cats with its own TikTok, YouTube channel, and merch. This blue-eyed beauty of the Ragdoll breed looks elegant and regal in every post, which is why it quickly gained popularity. The account has 406 thousand subscribers and almost 2000 posts. Are you subscribed to some account of a cute cat? Share in the comments. Keeping a pet account is fun and popular, so if you want to create one too, good luck. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Instagram!

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