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Natural Cat Litter Alternatives: Check the List of the Best and Choose One for Your Cat

May.10.2021 335
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The most popular and traditional cat litter is made from clay, which has been criticized lately. By the way, you can read about some of the types of fillers here. Progress has touched on this topic and now traditional fillers have decent alternatives. You can choose cheap cat litter alternatives that are also harmless to your pet. We will be glad if our article is interesting and useful for you. Enjoy the reading!

Why Do You Need Cat Litter Alternatives?

Cats have very sensitive noses. And not all the smells that you love so much are pleasant to your cat. One of the odors cats hate the most is a dirty litter box. If you haven’t cleaned it for a while, your cat may rebel and start using the toilet in a different, less suitable place. You need to be careful to keep the toilet litter box clean at all times. How often it should be changed and other tips read here! So, maybe your cat doesn’t like the filler you have chosen and therefore does not use it. Then you should think about good alternatives to cat litter. By the way, bananas, citruses, air freshener smells, hot peppers, and others are what your pet will hardly like.

Best Alternatives to Clay Cat Litter

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Most of us don’t even know about the variety of fillers. Therefore, we considered it necessary to help you provide a list of those that are suitable not only for an adult cat. But also they will become excellent and cheap kitty litter alternatives. The use of clay filler is explained by many for the convenience in further cleaning. However, some people prefer to use other materials. Natural cat litter is safe for our environment. It can also serve as natural kitty litter alternatives. Check out the list below.

Paper Litter

Paper is a great alternative and is also ideal for cats that have had surgery. The material is practically dust-free. Therefore, if your cat has problems with eyes or respiratory tract, this is what you need. This litter does not stick together like clay, which can make the tray a little more difficult. The filler paper usually cannot be rinsed off. However, check with the manufacturer about the disposal method.

Coconut Litter

Coconut litter is made exclusively from coconut shells. It doesn’t consist of dangerous chemicals and allergens. So, we can say that it is hypoallergenic. Unlike other litters, this one can be used to compost and fertilize your lawn and flower beds. This cat litter does not generate waste and does not end up in landfills. So, it is one of the best natural cat litter alternatives

Corn Litter

Corn litter has rather large granules. Corn litter creates tight lumps, perfect for your cat. This bedding has its own unusual smell. This popular litter can produce dust. It means, if your cat has some asthma problems, don’t choose it. However, it is on the top of the list of kitty litter alternatives.

Grass Litter

The grass litter comes in flavored and unflavored options. It is biodegradable and serves as a natural alternative. However, it is worth considering the weight and breed of your cat, as it is not very suitable for the market. It is also not cheap. On average, the cost of such a filler on the market is about $ 25-32.

Wheat Litter

Wheat litter is neither too coarse nor too thin, making it the perfect litter for cats. Wheat sticks well but at the same time forms a soft mass that resembles clay. This bed should be changed frequently to avoid unpleasant odors. This is one of the good cat litter alternatives to clay that can be flushed down the toilet. However, always check with the manufacturer for this.

Green Tea Litter

You can dry green tea leaves as they have natural antibacterial properties and act as an effective natural deodorant. Plus, green tea absorbs odors. Among the clear advantages of such a cheap alternative to cat litter is that it is also biodegradable. Usually, the dried leaves are mixed with the existing filler. But among the minuses is the price of a ready-made filler with green tea in the form of lumps or granules. After all, a bag of such cat litter costs about $ 16.

Wood Pellets Litter

The filler is made of chemically pure fibers produced from softwood. Therefore, they are non-toxic to use. The filler does not contain mineral dust hazardous to the respiratory tract of animals and humans. The cause of the occurrence of urolithiasis is excluded. As you know, after the toilet, the animal must lick its paws, licking off the mineral dust. In the case of wood filler, you should not worry about this, even if the animal tries to taste the granules out of curiosity. After absorbing moisture, the granules can be safely thrown into the toilet or used as fertilizer. The granules are made with a unique formula that helps to deal with odors much more effectively than other wood fillers. It is one of the best healthy cat litter alternatives.

Now you know that clay litter is not the only option available. What kind of litter did you choose for your cat? Share in the comments. Thank you for being with us. See you soon!

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