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What Is Loafing and Why Do Cats Loaf: The Most Common Reasons

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What Is Loafing

Is a cat loaf a normal position? Well, it is the most common one, and in most cases, your cat does it for its own comfort. However, it is not a rule, so it is better to know what is it, and all possible meanings. Cats cannot talk, so they express their feelings through sounds and cat loafing. Let us tell you more about this!

What Is Loafing?

Loafing is a seated position where the cat hides its tail and legs under the body. Many people find this pose quite amusing and have even compared it to a loaf of bread. You probably noticed your pet in this position, but perhaps you did not know what it is called and what it means. However, scientists argue that this is not always from idleness. Therefore, let’s find out how do cats loaf, their reasons, and their meanings.

Cat Loaf Types

  • Folded paws. In this position, the weight of the cat doesn’t put pressure on its body, since the legs are folded under the belly. It looks like an awkward position for a human, but your pet would be comfortable. It indicates that the cat doesn’t feel threatened. In other words, your pet feels safe with you.
  • Paws on the ground. When a cat’s paws are on the ground, its weight falls on its body. In addition, its paws can be in front or side by side, as if the pet is standing on its paws. If this position is caused by a serious illness, you need to contact your veterinarian immediately. But, if it is not – don’t worry about it.

Why Do Cats Loaf?

Why Do Cats Loaf?

Behavior experts usually identify 4 main reasons, the specifics of which we will describe below.


Your cat may feel cool, and this position wants to keep warm. This method is especially good for short-haired cats. Perhaps, your pet will not appreciate it if you cover it with a blanket, but you can adjust the temperature in the house, for example by closing the window or adjusting the air conditioner or heating. This would help your cat warm up faster and even purr in approval.


Another reason for cat loaf is conserving energy. Behavioral experts do not agree with each other on everything, but no one disputes the fact that cats are experts at sleep, because two-thirds of their lives they really sleep. But those long cat naps don’t mean your cat is lazy. No, cat sleep can really help it get ready for the night. Cats are crepuscular predators, which means they are most active at night. So taking a leisurely meal of a delicious ball of cat dough throughout the day is just one way to prepare your cat to knock down all those fragile items on your desk at night.


cat loafing

Is your cat sitting like a loaf without reason? It is quite possible, and sometimes it does things for no reason. Sometimes your pet wants to lie on its back, sometimes on its stomach, or in the loaf position. It’s the same with people: sometimes you want to sleep on your back, and sometimes on your side, even if both are comfortable. So, in such cases, it’s not necessary to find out the reasons for cat loaf position and its meaning, because your cat acting like this for its own comfy.

Feeling Unwell

Although cats hang out most of the time, they are happy and contented, but if you find that your pet can’t get its paws under the body, or if it tries to curl up on the floor all the time, it may be in pain. If you also notice that the cat’s head is drooping, and eyes are closed, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian immediately.

Paw Problems

Cat Loaf

If the paws are damaged, your cat may also hide the paws under the body. The idea behind this is simple. If a paw is damaged, your cat will prefer to place it where it cannot reach, that is, under its body. If you think your cat may have injured its paws, please do not try to pull it out of the cat while it is wandering. Most cats don’t like it when people touch their paws. In addition, it can lead to more damage to the injured feet.

When you know the most common causes of the loaf pose, it is much easier for you to determine their meaning. What does it mean when your cat is loafing? Share in the comments. If you want to understand your pet even better, be sure to read:

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