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Do Cats Have Personalities and What Are They: The Main 5 Cat Personality Types

Aug.27.2021 179
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Do cats have personalities? Of course, they do. If you are looking for information about any breed, you would definitely see a section on personality (temperament) there. Cats of the same breed may have similar traits. However, this is not the main qualification indicator. They are usually divided into 5 cat personality types. And we want to tell you about each of them in detail. 

What Personality Type Is My Cat?

Why do you think you need to know your cat’s personality type? This would help you better understand the reasons for certain behaviors and establish contact with your pet. It can also help you make home adjustments or provide the cat with what it lacks — a place to play or rest. If your cat’s personality changes dramatically, then this could be a signal of health problems. So let’s explore the different types of cat breeds personality.



If your cat is of the neurotic (skittishness) type, then it is easy to determine by its behavior. Most often, it would show anxiety, insecurity, shyness, suspicion, and would not make contact with new people who come to visit you. Therefore, do not be surprised that such a pet would often try to hide from your guests in a secluded place. If you want your cat to feel comfortable, then you should provide some safe places where the cat can hide. This could be a cat tunnel or a simple cardboard box. If you follow these simple guidelines, then a cat with such a feline personality would feel safe and can become more self-confident.



Different cat personalities have their own characteristics. However, some of them enhance the manifestation of some features. For example, extraversion (outgoingness). Cats of this type have increased curiosity and often need more mental stimulation and study of the environment. If such a pet becomes bored, then it may try to throw out the accumulated energy on its own — throw things off the table, quickly run around the house, scratch furniture, etc. In order to restrain such impulses, be sure to take time with your pet and play with it. While you’re at work, keep some interesting cat toys in its sight.


Dominance cat

Dominance is one of the types of cat personality that can make some problems for you if you want more than one pet at home. Why so, you can understand from the name itself. Your cat would try to dominate other animals. And if they also have this type of personality, then the chances of peaceful coexistence are negligible. In protest, the cat may eat someone else’s food, spoil toys and go to all the trays that you install. In other words, mark the territory. Therefore, if you want to bring a new pet into the house, for example, a kitten, then pay special attention to our article about introducing a kitten to a cat. It can help you. You may notice that the cat is trying to dominate you. This behavior should be stopped right away.


Agreeableness cat

Knowledge of cat personalities helps to find a pet approach. The easiest of the cats with an agreeableness temperament. They are considered perfect pets in large and friendly families. However, the socialization of the kitten from an early age plays an important role. Such cats show friendliness, love, and attachment to the owner, family members, and other pets in the house. However, this does not mean that they do not respond to stressful situations, for example, moving to a new locality. Always try to protect your cat from stress.


Impulsiveness cat

The impulsiveness of cats is most often manifested due to a sense of tension. In other words, the same situation can be perceived in different ways due to the environment. And it has an impact on the mood and energy of the pet. Cat personality characteristics are also manifested when evaluating the situation. If you scream to the cat, it would only increase the level of anxiety, distrust, and unstable behavior. Try to install a specific schedule for your pet. For example, when it eats and plays. This would help a cat adapt to proper behavior.

Determining the type of personality is not the case of one day. You need to watch your pet sometime. And the vet is unlikely to help you because they see your cat only during visits to the veterinary clinic. What do you think your cat belongs to? Write in the comments, as well as the main features of the character for which you have identified this type. Let’s learn what type of personality prevails among the pets of our readers. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Very soon we will delight you with a new and exciting article. See you!

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