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Why Do Cats Poop outside the Litter Box: Look at the Most Common Causes and Ways to Stop It

Jul.16.2021 212
how to make a cat poop in the litter box

Our regular readers already know which cat litter is best for their pet and how often it needs to be changed. If you are on the pages of our blog for the first time, then be sure to read about it. Today the topic of our article will be no less useful to you. Even if your cat has long been accustomed to the litter box, incidents happen, for example, cat poops outside the litter box. It can be not a pet’s whim, but a signal that there is a serious problem. You must remember that you cannot scold an animal, because it will not lead to any positive result. If you really want to solve a problem, you need to understand the reason. Therefore, we decided to tell you about the most common of them, as well as answer other questions that interest you. Let’s start!

Why Do Cats Poop outside the Litter Box?

Before taking any action, you need to make sure that these are behavioral problems. If you begin to notice that the cat is suddenly pooping outside the litter box, then visit your veterinarian. Perhaps this is a medical problem and your pet did not have time to do it in a proper place. However, if this possibility was ruled out, then check out the list of possible causes below.

Small Tray

When choosing a litter box, you should consider your pet’s size. It should be comfortable and not cramped. Keep in mind that the cat should have enough space to unfold in the tray. If there is a weight gain or growth spurt, then it is likely that the litter box will need to be replaced with a larger one. Many owners are interested in how to choose a tray for a kitten because there will definitely be a growth spurt? Review the characteristics of the breed and to what size it can grow. And choose it based on this data. If you have a non-pedigree cat, it is usually of medium size.

Hard to Access Tray

Why is an older cat pooping outside the litter box? This may be due to the size, depth, and even the location of the tray. If your cat has health problems, such as arthritis, it will be difficult for it to get into the litter box. The way out of this situation is quite simple. Make it more accessible. As for the location, it should be where your pet is most often. By the way, if you live in a private house, it is better to equip all the amenities for a cat on the ground floor. Arthritis and other similar conditions aren’t just common in older cats, so be careful.

Inconvenient Location of the Tray

If earlier we described the inconvenience of the location due to medical problems, now we are talking about the situation as a whole. Agree that this should be a quieter and more secluded place, where the litter box would not bother you and the cat. Do not store it near appliances that make loud sounds or near sources with an unpleasant odor. Why are kittens pooping outside the litter box? Loud sounds are most likely to scare kittens, especially during the training to the litter box.

Dirty Filler in the Tray

This is the first thing you usually check. Remember that the frequency of changing the filler depends on its type: once a day, once every 3-4 days, once a week. However, we are talking about a complete replacement of the filler. Once your cat has pooped, you should pick up and add some filler if necessary.

Two Cats in the House

Each of the pets should have its own litter box and should be located in different places. If everything is exactly like this, then what are the reasons for cat pooping outside the litter box? Most likely, the cat, which occupies a dominant position in the house, does not let the second one get it. A role in this can be played by the wrong acquaintance of the old pet with the new one. Be sure to read about introducing in more detail.

Poor Filler Choice

What causes a cat to poop outside the litter box? The filler is not suited for your cat. Try replacing the litter with another. Most often, odorless wood filler is suitable for most cats.

Most Common Causes and Ways to Stop Pooping Outside

How to Stop a Cat from Pooping outside the Litter Box?

In addition to keeping your litter box clean at all times, here are some other things you can do:

  • If you find that your cat likes to use a certain area, try to restrict its access to that room. Try treating the area with a kitten-safe repellent. The goal is to make unacceptable locations as undesirable for cats as possible.
  • Change the location of the tray. Remember not to put it near food and water.
  • Pay attention to where your cat pooped. For example, if it is a carpet, then you can lay a similar coverage under the filler. This can help to stop a cat from pooping outside the litter box.
  • We have already mentioned that each pet should have its own litter box. However, if you have a large house, then you can arrange several trays for one cat. Cat behavior experts advise always placing one extra tray more. For example, if you have one cat, then two trays will be enough, and if you have two cats, then it is better to put three.

How to make a cat poop in the litter box? You will most likely need to go through the entire learning process again. Please read it here.

“My cat started pooping outside of the litter box”! We share that you will not say it again and our advice will help you. The main thing is to approach the problem patiently and not wait for an instant result. Do not forget to share your experience in the comments. Thank you for being with us, and see you soon!

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