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Cat Tattoos – Animal Cruelty or a Sign of Luxurious Living?

Feb.06.2021 252
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Before we tell our next news story, we ask all impressionable people and animal advocates/activists to step away from their screens or just read another helpful article.

And it is not even about dyeing the fur of a furry pet, it is much more serious.

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo for your four-legged friend? Or do you think it’s cruelty, like most of the angry commenters of Ukrainian blogger Elena Ivanitskaya?

Cat Tattoo – Inexplicable but True

Recently a Ukrainian fitness blogger shared a photo of her pet without fur but with a tattoo on his chest. The cat named Yasha appeared before the subscribers with a tattoo in the form of the ancient Egyptian god – Anubis.

At first, you might think that this is a Photoshop or some hypoallergenic sticker but the owner of the sphinx actually made the tattoo on the cat’s body without any remorse.

How Is That Possible?

cat tattoos

We hope that after this post, Sphinx owners won’t run to sign up for a tattoo artist to get a Tom and Jerry or Sphinx design on an animal body.

According to the blogger herself, her cat was not hurt at all and is feeling fine. The woman consulted with the veterinarian before taking the animal to this procedure.

Also, on her page, you can see Yasha lying under anesthesia and getting a tattoo under the supervision of the owner and the vet.

As you have already realized, a lot of people from around the world did not support such an idea and wrote a lot of angry comments about the “flayer”.

Elena, in turn, replied that the animal is in good health and living better than most of the angry commenters on her page.

Yasha lives luxuriously, eats oysters together with the mistress and has his own personal page on Instagram.

And what do you do?

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