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Cat With Blue Eyes: The Most Common Breeds and Can Eye Color Affect Health

Apr.12.2021 392
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Each cat breed is beautiful and unusual in its way. And what do you like most about the appearance of your pet? It is believed that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and it is by looking at the true intention that one can understand. Do you wonder what the cat’s eyes can tell us? Blue-eyed cats are not common. However, let’s deal with this feature of some breeds. And what kind of cats have blue eyes? We hope you will find our article interesting. Enjoy the reading!

Do I Need To Worry if My Cat With Blue Eyes?

blue-eyed cats deaf

Due to the unusual shade of the eyes, you can often hear that these cats have certain limitations, for example, deafness or blindness. But is it so or such suggestions are myths?

Blue-Eyed Cats Deaf

Deafness in cats is most often associated not with eye color but with coat color. For example, white cats most often suffer from this deficiency. However, the second factor is still the color of the eyes. It has been shown that cats with white hair and blue irises are often completely deaf. If the cat has only one blue eye, then the risk of deafness ranges from 65% to 85%.

Are Blue-Eyed Cats Blind?

As for blindness, this is a myth. The risk of blindness in cats with blue eyes is the same as in cats with different colored eyes. The reason for this misconception is that the owner cannot always understand a deaf or blind cat. Therefore, absent-minded behavior is explained by blindness.

What Cats Have Blue Eyes?

A kitten’s eye color can change over time. There are not many breeds whose eye color does not change with age. This is due solely to their genetics and physics. These cats do not have a colored iris, so when light reflects off the surface of the eye, it looks blue. The larger the angle of refraction, the more saturated the color will be. Therefore, to the question: “Do cats have blue eyes”? The answer is obvious. Yes, they do. Let’s take a look at the types of cats with blue eyes.


These long-haired cats come in six different colors but they always wear white “mittens” on their paws. The average weight is about 5-6 kg, and the body length is 40-45 cm. The exact history of the breed is unknown. However, it is generally accepted that this breed appeared as a result of crossing cats from Birma with Siamese cats. Unsurprisingly, Birman cats are very popular. They are cute, playful, and very loving. And a quiet meow will not annoy you. Despite the long coat, a breed does not need special care, it is enough to comb it twice a week.


The average weight of a cat of this breed is 3.5-6 kg, and the body length is 35-45 cm. Cats have a soft and silky coat. They a very kind temperament and lack of hostility. This is the most famous blue-eyed cat breed. According to research, Persians are often deaf. Cats need affection and care, and also show these qualities to their owner. They are difficult to train. And also need daily grooming due to their thick coat. Be especially careful during the molting period.


The average weight of these cute cats with blue eyes is 3.5-4.5 kg, and the body length is 30-35 cm. They are also distinguished by their elegant physique. This breed of cats is very sociable and curious. These are some of the personality traits that have made Siamese cats popular. If you are often not at home, then it is better to have a cat of this breed, as long-term loneliness can cause depression.


This breed appeared as a result of crossing Siamese and Persian cats. The average weight is 3.5-6 kg, and the body length is 45 cm. Their eyes are always bright blue, and the coat can be of different shades but always very long and thick. Himalayan cats are incredibly affectionate and playful. However, they may resent you if they are not given enough attention and care. This breed requires regular grooming, especially for the coat. It needs to be brushed daily to avoid tangling.


A beautiful blue-eyed cat has an average weight of about 2.5-5 kg, and body length is 25-35 cm. This is a hybrid of Thai and Burmese cats. The specific colors of Tonkin cats have a heterozygous nature of inheritance, therefore, in a litter of two individuals of this breed, only half of the kittens have a mink color. The Tonkinese cat is a sociable and active animal. It can become very attached to a person. It often connects transport with people and can go out to meet the car without fear.


Snowshoe cats weigh on average 3-4.5 kg, but male cats are slightly larger. These are calm, affectionate, very fond of people, patient with children. They are not overly active, and not particularly prone to climbing and jumping. Most attached to one family member, who is constantly followed when he/she is at home. However, this does not mean that a cat does not like other family members. They do not like loneliness, they are easy to caress and train.

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