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Cats and the Distances

Jul.11.2020 228
how cats find the way home

It’s no secret that cats have an independent and freedom-loving temperament. Many of us have probably heard or read incredible stories about cats who find their own way home from great distances. They strive to go home where they were loved, caressed, and fed. At home, where it was warm, “purr’s” was surrounded by native people, so strong craving for a cat, who suddenly became homeless, to get back into their usual habitat. The phenomenon of the excellent orientation of cats in space has interested zoologists.

Can Cats Really Find Their Way Home? Or Maybe It’s Just Another Myth About Our Fluffy Friends?

Zoologist F.G. Frick was one of the first to be interested in these questions. The reason was one case that occurred in the early 20s. He went out into the countryside and took his pet and put it in his bag. During the walk, it jumped out and ran away. It was about 8 km from the house. Luckily, in the evening, the cat returned home safely. The scientist decided to do a series of experiments with the cat. He took it to different places 2-5 km away from home. A clever animal always found its way home.

Since then, there have been many different experiments with cats. They all showed an interesting fact: our mustache-tailed friends are very sensitive to the magnetic field of the Earth. It’s a feature that helps cats find their way home. To check, scientists attached a strong magnet to the body of cats. It turned out that in this case they completely lost the ability to determine the right path.

As you know, cats use well-developed good eyesight and olfactory. With the nose, they are able to capture very subtle scents that are inaccessible to humans and tie them to the ground. For most cats, it’s easy to find your home from 3 to 5 km away.

How can cats do this? They don’t have to rely on familiar acoustic images and scents to help them find their way back? Who knows? Unfortunately, there are currently no reliable explanations for this unique phenomenon.

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