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Cats’ Emotional Life

Jul.15.2020 332
why the cat looks sad

If you ask somebody about how he can describe a cat, 100% sure that most people will answer that cats are freedom-loving, selfish, and disobedient. Perhaps some owners will stand up for the cats, they will object that cats are very compliant and affectionate creatures.

But in most cases, the views are converging that cats are selfish and narcissistic. Because they rarely obey and cannot be trained, unlike dogs.

On second thought, why would they do something they don’t want to do at the moment? People, for example, don’t always do what you expect from animals.

In fact, all of us who have a cat (cats) have had the experience of a cat knowing we are feeling bad or sad and cheer us up. For example, when we have a high fever, they sit on our chest, purring for days on end.

It’s true. Sympathy and compassion – there are well-known qualities of dogs.

But, many scientists who study a cat’s behavior claim that they have nine basic senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, temperature, balance, and sense of direction and time.

Besides these natural senses, we can oversee some emotional manifestations like love, contentment, attachment, jealousy, fear, anger, curiosity, and playfulness. And of course, they also can be sad, in a bad mood too.

cats emotions

You can hear it in their voices or when they break out of your hugging, purring when you caress them.

In addition, they are also sensitive to human emotions, gestures, and expressions. There is one research that proves that cats behave positively when they see the shining smile on the owner’s face: rubbed on a leg, climbing to their knees, and trying to spend more time side by side.

And from another side, cats moved away from annoyed and gloomy masters.

But it doesn’t mean that cats are capable of empathy, probably they knew the connection between smile and reward. Who knows?

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