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Do Cats Get Headaches, How to Determine They & Headache Treatment

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Cat Headache

A responsible owner can always notice even small changes in the behavior of their pet. If you notice that your pet is behaving gloomily and does not show a desire to play or doesn’t let you pet it, then there can be different explanations for this behavior. Cats headaches might be one of them. However, is this really so and what causes and symptoms can signal this? All answers are below!

What Are Cat Headaches?

It is a term used to describe the symptoms of pain in any area of ​​the head or neck, and it can be divided into primary and secondary. Primary headaches are “harmless”, and they are not caused by other health or structural problems. Animal headaches are usually not well understood, and there is currently no official classification system for cats. Primary headaches cannot be detected, so we cannot find them directly in animals. So, do cats get headaches or is it just a suggestion? It is well known that cats do experience headaches, which are often associated with other medical conditions or health issues.

Cat Headache: Symptoms

Regardless of the cause, cat with headache is indicated by:

  • Changes in the pet’s behavior – from an affectionate and contact cat, it can turn into a fearful, aggressive mini-tiger that seeks to hide in a secluded place. At such moments, the animal is not happy with the caress and attention of its beloved owner.
  • Unusual meowing. The cat meows intensely, and in this way, it allows your pet to be distracted and alleviate soreness.
  • The cat falls down on one ear, then on the other, it can sit for a long time, leaning its forehead against the wall or cool objects, and not move. People with headaches also make a similar movement.
  • The pet is frightened by sharp sounds: screams, loud music, screeching of cars from the street, etc. This symptom is considered indirect, as some cats are naturally shy and feel uncomfortable with such sounds.
  • With a strong pain syndrome, the animal behaves restlessly.
  • Pupil size – increasing or narrowing greatly. Perhaps the appearance of a mesh of blood vessels. In this case, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian
  • Apathy and lack of appetite. The pet is lethargic, refuses to eat. Does the head hurt in cats read the article

Since in most cases it is difficult to identify signs your cat has a headache on your own, it is worth contacting a veterinarian in case of alarming symptoms of a sick pet.

Why Does My Cat Have a Headache?

Why Does My Cat Have a Headache

Unfortunately, the answer to the question: “Can cats get migraines?”, is positive. The most common causes are:

  • Ear inflammation is accompanied by a headache that occurs after the underlying disease is cured.
  • Injuries as a result of falls, bruises, fights and other things – if a pet hits its head while playing or jumping, then later pain can be expected. A headache associated with an injury can be a sign of a concussion.
  • Stray cats suffer from eating disorder more often than others. The development of the disease is associated with insufficient nutrition. If the animal finds itself in more favorable conditions, and its diet is enriched with useful products, then after recuperation, the headaches would disappear without outside interference.
  • If the cat does not drink for a long time and eats salty food, then the pressure may increase. And, as a result, pain syndrome would develop. This can happen if the cat has chronic kidney disease.
  • If a pet’s teeth become invisible due to a layer of tartar, then it may be disturbed by intense pains that radiate to the head. And if you don’t help the cat, then its head will hurt constantly.
  • Poisoning with chemicals or gases provokes a severe cat headache, and treatment is usually needed.

What to Do When Your Cat Has a Headache?

What to Do When Your Cat Has a Headache

It is difficult to diagnose headache in cats, and subsequent treatment also has some difficulties. If you think your pet may have a headache, consult a veterinarian who can diagnose the condition and find the root cause. If your cat’s headache is secondary (caused by a head injury or other underlying problem), it usually goes away after the problem that caused the pain is corrected. However, if your cat is expecting a primary headache, treatment would be more difficult as it is not easy to pinpoint the exact cause associated with it. So, don’t start to google “what can i give my cat for a headache?” You most likely need to write down your cat’s daily life, and diet to figure out what may be causing its pain. And then your vet would be able to assist you and prescribe potential treatments that would help. At first glance, it seems like a headache is a simple issue, but it is not, because according to search queries on the Internet, every day someone is looking for an answer to the question “how to tell if your cat has a headache?” Has your pet ever had a headache, and how did you determine it? Share in the comments!

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