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Cats Island in Japan: Paradise or Hell?

Jul.30.2020 176
the island for cats

Would you ever want to go to a place where you can see more cats than people? There are 11 «Cat Islands» in Japan, where animal populations are several times as much as usual. Can you imagine 120 cats living on the island, while the amount of people living on it is only 22?

Aoshima Island is famous for its army of cats that were once brought for fighting with mice. Rodents destroyed fishing boats that allowed the locals to go fishing. As cats became the main hunters on the island, their population increased greatly.

More than 900 fishermen used to live here, but after World War II many young people emigrated, so the island is mostly inhabited by old people.

Only cat-lovers come here. Because there are no restaurants, cafes, or even cars on the island, so tourists are not interested in it

Unfortunately, cat islands are far from being a “cat paradise”. Aoshima Island (population of about 500 cats) was visited by cat photographers and the founders of the organization to rescue cats. And they said that due to overpopulation, about one-third of all animals suffer from various diseases.

the island with cats

More than just a few people live on the island and no vets at all. The inhabitants refuse to help the animals because they believe that nature will sort it out for itself.

Another problem is the food which tourists bring for cats. Experts say that this is the reason for animals fighting.

On some Cat Islands, such as Tokushima (3,000 cats), the authorities catch, sterilize, treat, and then release them. But on Aoshima, they don’t do that yet.

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