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Cats Look Like Leopards: Most Famous Breeds! You Will Be Amused by This Information

Mar.17.2021 334
cats look like leopards

Cat lovers think their pet is the most attractive, don’t they? Do you often admire the unusual species of wild cats, such as leopards? Agree that it would be cool to have a small and affectionate leopard right at home. We hasten to please you that this has become possible. No, now there will be no advice on how to tame a wild cat and make it a domestic one. We will tell you about how cats look like leopards.

Domesticated Cats That Look Like Leopards

exotic-looking cats

Since there has always been a demand for exotic-looking cats, the breeders decided to make the dream come true. Thanks to the work of more than one year, now everyone can get a cat breed with leopard spots. Let’s find out about the most famous breeds of such cats.


It is a large house cat that looks like a leopard. The average weight is near 18-20 pounds. The breeders crossed the domestic Abyssinian breed with a wild jungle cat. We strongly recommend not to buy such a cat for an apartment, as this hybrid breed is very active and needs space. Chausie needs affection and is also loyal to their owners. Excellent hunters, but at the same time they easily find a common language with other animals. They do not like to sit in the hands of a person.


It is the largest cat breed that looks like a leopard. The average weight is near 30-35 pounds. The breeders crossed the African Serval with a domestic housecat. Quite a calm and not aggressive breed. Cats like to walk in the fresh air and are not afraid of water. Also, Savannah cats are easily adaptable to different habitats. They can also compete with dogs in loyalty to their owners. By the way, it is not legal to have such a cat in some states of the US.


This breed is very popular due to its color and athletic build. The breeders crossed a domestic housecat with an Asian leopard cat. These cats are very temperamental but not aggressive and do not pose a threat to children. However, we do not recommend keeping them in an open-air cage on the street, as they can run wild. And if you have become the owner of a kitten, then be sure to teach it to your hands. Bengals are excellent hunters for mice, but they will not eat them. Be sure to get a tall scratching post.


It is the most famous cat breed with leopard spots. The breeders crossed three breeds of cats: Abyssinian, Siamese, and American Shorthair. This is a very kind, sociable, and affectionate breed. Even though there is no direct pedigree from a wild cat, the Ocicat looks very similar. The cats of this breed have ivory hair and gold spots. Cats are easy to train and do not need special care for it. This is a very playful breed, so provide it with toys if you don’t want the cat to play with your stuff.


The breeders crossed the Bengal cats and domestic shorthairs. However, not all international cat associations have recognized the breed and classified it. Toyger cats have distinct dark stripes on the brown coat on the back, belly, chest, and tail.


Cheetoh is one of the newest leopard-looking house cats. The average weight is near 20-25 pounds. The breeders crossed three breeds of cats: Ocicat and Bengal. This cat breed is friendly and gets along well with children. It does not need special care, however, it is advisable to comb during molting. This breed will be a great friend for games.


Bengal and oriental breeds were commonly used in crossing. The average weight of a male cat is near 30 pounds and a female cat is 20 pounds. Cats of this breed are active and inquisitive, and also love outdoor games. The favorite place for these cats in the house is high shelves and wardrobes. Serengeti cats do not like loneliness and need affection.

Now you know that you can easily buy an unusual leopard cat and you will have an affectionate and friendly friend. And to choose your best friend, always carefully read the characteristics of the breed. It is simply necessary to know whether the cat will be able to get along in the conditions that you create for it and whether it will be able to find a common language with all family members, especially with children. We hope the article was interesting and informative. Thank you for reading our article to the end. In a short time, no less interesting information will appear on our blog, see you soon!

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