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Cats’ Strangeness or Why They Show Their Tongue

Jul.13.2020 180
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You’ve noticed that your whiskered pet has started to stick his tongue out more and more. He used to do it strictly to drink or wash. But now your cat has started to fall asleep by sticking its tongue out. Or maybe often sticking out the tip of his tongue for no apparent reason.

What to do? Take a few pictures, and more likely to put them on social networks? Or call the vet and ask for help? Let’s find out what’s going on.

It’s Normal

We humans also look comical in our sleep – it’s not a secret. The muscles of the face are relaxing, the mouth is opening. Your kitty is fed up and happy. So he/she put out their tongue because of the calm and deep sleep.


strange cats' behavior

Maybe the pet opened his mouth in the heat. Cats don’t sweat like a human. They cool their body through the pads and also by licking – evaporation reduces the risk of overheating. If it is very hot, they will open the mouth and stick her tongue out – just like dogs do.

“Fleming Smile” or Jacobson’s Organ

When a cat needs, for example, to ‘feel’ the food, it seems to freeze with a characteristic expression as if it is mocking and even smiling. Experts call this pattern a ‘flame-reaction’ or ‘flaming-smile’.


Cats can stick their tongue out when playing with the opposite sex. And it isn’t necessary to be near, males can smell females with a leak for 5 kilometers.

Maybe Something Is Wrong?

smiling cat
  • Another reason for the tongue sticking can be viral diseases such as rhinotracheitis and caliciviruses, as well as stomatitis and gingivitis.
  • It happens that cats get jaw injuries and can’t close their mouths. In addition to trauma, this can include damage to the nerve responsible for opening and closing the mouth, or to the central nervous system: brain stroke, poisoning of toxic plants and other substances.

Very often, it’s a normal reaction to environmental influences, but if you are not sure consult a vet.

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