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The whole Internet is brimming with various information about cats. The modern Internet users can find the answer to any question. The most popular requests are related to cats’ nutrition, cat care, to the treatment and prevention of cat diseases. It is impossible not to mention the entertainment content. It is hard to imagine a person who can resist the funny videos with purring heroes.

But we were concerned about one question: “How did people receive information and share knowledge about cats before the advent of the Internet, when there were no printed publications, TV or radio shows with experts and cat owners sharing their accumulated experiences?

And as it turns out, the Cat Fancy magazine was the first guide to the cat world! It was created by a married couple Leslie and Elizabeth Smith in the far 1965.

Cat Fancy was the most popular and respected magazine about cats by many readers (and up to now).

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The first popular source on the World Wide Web was in 2004. It was a site that occupied a leading position on the Internet for a long time. And a wonderful event happened – two epochs joined together to inform and delight cat lovers around the world. It happened in 2015 – Cat Fancy magazine and started working as one team.

And today, the website is a time-tested publication with a history. It is a real cat’s encyclopedia and a valuable information resource. The site of the magazine contains the most popular headings: cat breeds, lifestyle, food for cats, a separate section about kittens, health and care, cat behavior, and video with the main characters. In addition to that, the site has a search throughout the site, it also has a separate search for cat breeds. It is very convenient and unusual (kind of site’s chip). Where the fan of a particular cat breed can get access to a vast amount of useful information.

Furthermore, we can’t fail to emphasize that can spread information about any event related to the cat’s lives publicly. For example, it can be a charity event, a cat show, or other entertainment programs – anything at all. Any user can contact the site staff and they will help you to attract an audience. The main thing is to inform in advance.

Its editorial board – veterinarians, travelers, journalists, specialists, and experienced cat owners who work hard to carry their knowledge to the masses. is a site for all people who are responsible for their role as owners and know the price of qualified knowledge.

And finally, you can’t miss a cute dog at the bottom of the site page. This dog invites every pet lover and owner to have a great opportunity to become acquainted with a similar site – that is dedicated to dog life.

So, don’t thank us – enjoy and read!

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