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Choosing the Right Cat Carrier: The Main Criteria

Oct.08.2020 356
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In most cases, such a question as “how to choose the best pet carrier?” occurs when you have a need. It can be a planned trip to a veterinarian, a trip to the countryside or a country cottage, a trip to another country. Or the most common situation is the transportation of an animal after the purchase or from the past owner.

Sooner or later, even the most domestic kitten will have to leave the place of residence and our task is to make this process as convenient as possible for both the pet and others.

Why Should You Choose and Buy the Best Cat Carrier in Advance?

best pet carrier for cats

We are sure that you will agree that cats are freedom-loving creatures who feel discomfort when they are compressed in human hands for a long time and limit their movements. Any living creature will resist and try to free itself.

It’s one thing when you just take your cat to put on your lap and another thing when you take it to another world with different smells, sounds, and other unforeseen circumstances.

So, the first reason is the cat’s freedom-loving.

If you are going on a trip or a long journey then your cat has his basic needs just like you do. It is to cope with your natural need, to eat and drink, or just to relax in a secluded place. There are cats that are afraid of the streets. They begin to panic, rapid breathing and their heartbeat accelerate, they are afraid of everything new and do not understand what lies ahead.

In this case, you cannot just take your friend and put it in a spacious briefcase – it doesn’t work like that. It may not have good ventilation and a window to observe what is happening. You can imagine that your cat may just choke or suffer from overheating! The reaction may be different for each cat. There are cases when the cat meow, tries to get out, or just urinate in fear without stopping. And now your briefcase is ruined and the cat is still terribly frightened.

The only way is to go back home, wash the briefcase, and treat the cat from mental trauma.

As much as we would like to postpone this purchase, we assure you that this is the best way to protect yourself, others, and the cat.

We decided to dedicate a whole article to choose the best pet carrier for cats and tell you about the differences, advantages, and disadvantages.

Best Cat Carrier for Long-Distance Travel: What To Consider and How To Choose the Best One?

  • No matter do cats prefer hard or soft carriers, you should think about the first carrier variant. The presence of a hard and secure bottom is the main thing you should pay attention to in the store (or when buying online). The carrier should not bend under the weight of the animal and deform during transport. If it is plastic then you need to think about how to cover it so that the animal doesn’t slide on it during transportation.
  • The second important point is quality locks and the presence of windows, openings for air circulation. These are important nuances that should be considered to move the cat for longer distances.
  • If the purpose of your trip is to visit a doctor or rest in a country house. The only requirement is the length of the cat carrier (your cat should be placed in its lying position at full length). Woven cat carriers made of natural materials are successful in this task.
  • You may want to take your pet abroad. In this case, you should pay attention to the cat carrier which is well shaped and will not deform after collisions or blows. Anything can happen in the transport: the container with the cat may flip over; other bags may fall on the cat carrier and more.
  • As we mentioned above, the best cat carrier for long distances should have food and water fixtures. In addition, your pet should be able to take a couple of steps and change its position in the chosen cat carrier.
  • Special attention in choosing the best soft cat carrier should be paid to those people who take their pets on an air flight. The cat carrier should be labeled “meets IATA standards”. Otherwise, your cat may suffer during the flight and you may not be allowed on board with a cat carrier not approved by the Air Transport Association.
  • The time of year is also an important point to consider. When it is hot outside, the cat carrier must have as many openings as possible for air circulation. And if it is winter or late autumn outside, you should think about an insulated cat carrier. This applies to owners of Shorthair breeds in the first place.

What Is the Best Size Carrier for a Cat?

Everybody may think the answer is obvious – the lighter the carrier the easier it is to carry. But this is a misconception. The cat may tear it up into parts.

The minimum weight for the best cat carrier for a scared cat is 1 kg. If your cat weighs from 5 kg, the minimum weight for a cat carrier is 1, 1 kg.

The Best Cat Carrier for a Large Cat

how long can cats stay in a carrier

For cats that weigh from 8 kg, you need to choose a cat carrier from 1.8 kg. If you own Maine Coon, the weight of a cat carrier must be at least 2.5 – 2.7 kg.

Overview of Some Cat Carriers

K&H Travel Safety is the best cat carrier for car travel. It is suitable for dogs and cats. It is very lightweight; it has a textile housing (mesh) and seat belts that secure the carrier to the seat. You will always be able to communicate and contact your pet and reassure it during the car trip. If you sharply pull over, the seatbelts will protect the cat from falling and hitting. This is a very correct and safe option.

The Best Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats

Such carriers include containers made of strong materials (textile cat carriers are not suitable for nervous pets). It must be plastic that is resistant to deformation and with metal fasteners and protective nets. It can be AnimAll A1104, Georplast Rhino.

We help you to choose:

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