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How to Keep Cats Cool in Summer: Useful Tips that Can Prevent a Heatstroke in Your Cat

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How to increase your cat's body temperature

Do cats get hot in the summer? Body temperature, which is a sign of ill health in humans, may be acceptable to the animal. However, this does not mean that cats cannot get heatstroke. If you watch your pets, you would notice that cats in hot weather try to hide in a cool place. The responsible owner would do everything possible to keep the cat cool. We want to give you some useful tips. Enjoy reading!

How Do Cats Cool Down?

How Do Cats Cool Down?

In hot weather, the cat is not only looking for a cool place. It can often lick its coat. How is this interconnected? After the saliva evaporates, it has a cooling effect on the pet and normalizes the body temperature. By the way, people have the same effect when sweat evaporates from the skin. Of course, cats also sweat, but much less, so in the summer they lick themselves more often.

How to Keep Cats Cool in Summer?

How to Keep Cats Cool in Summer?

Heatstroke is extremely dangerous. Some breeds are even more defeated by it than others, for example, the Persian. You can help your pet stay calm on a hot summer day by following simple rules.


Since water evaporates faster in summer, and your cat may tend to walk around the house, we recommend placing a few bowls of cool water throughout the apartment. If your home has multiple floors, water bowls should be on each floor. Put them under a chair or away from sunlight and cat food so they would look more attractive. You can even put empty bowls in the freezer at night and fill them in the morning so that the water in them stays cool longer.

Ice Pack

The ice pack can help to keep cats cool in summer. Put a homemade ice pack where your pet likes to rest. If it gets too hot, a frozen bottle of water wrapped in a towel can be a good “friend” for a nap in an embrace. By the way, you should put it back in the freezer when you get home. Never leave your cat alone with commercially caught ice packs, as the chemicals they contain can be dangerous to them if they suddenly burst or leak.

Close the Curtains

By darkening several rooms, you would limit the amount of sunlight and heat entering your home. Your cat would be grateful for the shade, and you would not be suffocated when you return in the evening.


One or two small fans in the right places would ensure air circulation and create a relative coolness for the pet. You can use the fan timer if you do not want it to run all day.

Cool Niche

Pets like to cool off under furniture, so you can use stands to make your bed higher so that cats have enough space for comfortable sleep and rest. Can cats get hot under it? In addition, if you cover the kitchen table with a tablecloth, under it can get a beautifully cozy town for your pet with a cool tiled or wooden floor.

Don’t Leave in the Car

If you drive from a vet and want to go to a store, don’t leave a cat in the car. Many people believe that if you open a little window, then nothing would threaten the animal. It is wrong. The machine heats up very quickly, no matter if the windows are open or not. In addition, with their help, the animal can jump out. The water left in the bowl would not be able to protect against heatstroke, and in the stage of arousal, the pet can knock it over. A motor-powered air conditioner also would not save.

How I can help my cat in the summer?

A running engine would heat the car faster and the air conditioner would drive hot air into the fat instead of being cool. Parking in the shade would not solve the overheating problem, and it would still happen. It is worth remembering that the cat, having spent even a short time in the car, gets a high risk of getting heatstroke later. And health problems can appear a few days after that.

Cat cooling is a very important process. If your pet has received sunstroke, we advise you to give it cool water. However, do not force it, it must drink itself in small sips. Be sure to move your pet to a cool place. Usually, the condition should improve within 10-20 minutes. If this does not happen, then immediately contact your veterinarian. Take care of yourself and your pets. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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