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What Breed of Cat Has Curly Hair: Their Main Features & Care Tips

Dec.13.2021 72
curly haired cat breeds

Curly-haired cat breeds are rare these days, but they do not have a layer of natural wool. Let’s take a closer look at what the representatives of such cat’s fur are:

  • The main coat is a softer outer layer that can protect your pet from bad roads.
  • The middle layer is softer.
  • The third layer is called fluff.

So how does a cat with curls appear? Due to the absence of one of the layers. By the way, such pets are less prone to shedding and may not shed at all. And this fact made them even more popular!

What Breed of Cat Has Curly Hair?

cat with curly fur

There are not so many such cat breeds with curly hair. Usually, there are 4 and we will discuss their characteristics below:

Devon Rex

curly-coated cat

These are absolutely not jealous cats who gladly accept any other pet into their company. Cats of this breed are involved in the learning process and grasp new knowledge on the fly, especially if it is presented in a fun way. No specific grooming is required for the coat, except for the standard brushing. But you would have to scrupulously monitor the cleanliness and health of your pet’s ears, as well as systematically clean its claws. Bathing this breed is, in principle, optional. But if your cat manages to get dirty, prepare a bath for it, the water temperature would not be higher than 38 ° C. Hypoallergenicity of this curly-coated cat is a myth that has been cultivated by enterprising breeders for several years now. Yes, this breed does not shed as intensely as other cats, but their coat is not distinguished by absolute “sterility” either.

Selkirk Rex

curly furred cat

This breed has a rather thick, abundantly shedding coat, so allergy sufferers shouldn’t have such pets. The degree of the waviness of the wool is a variable value, depending on the state of health of the animal, climatic conditions, and seasonality. All pedigree kittens are born in “sheep’s clothes”, but then lose them to become covered with curls again by 8-10 months. They are sociable, easily fit into any feline collective, without trying to take the place of a big boss in it, do not unleash wars with other pets, and are always sincere. You need to practice with Selkirk Rex no more than once or twice a day. The best option is five-minute lessons, which do not have time to exhaust the curly-haired cat breed and bore. If you notice that the time for classes has not yet expired, but the cat is clearly not eager to obey, it is better to leave the animal alone and let it restore psychological balance.


curly haired cat breed

Representatives of the curly furred cat are moderately good-natured and sociable. LaPermas easily establish contacts with children, do not fight for territory with other representatives of the feline brethren, and steadfastly tolerate the neighborhood with dogs, unless they terrorize them with nagging. The dream of every member of this curly-haired family is to have as many living beings as possible in the house at the same time. The hair of the breed is renewed about once a year. In such cases, it is better to help the animal and pull out the dead hairs. This is one of the healthiest breeds in the world. LaPermas are not susceptible to genetic diseases in principle. The only things to protect them from are common feline infections.

Cornish Rex

cat with curls

This cat with curly fur is considered one of the most playful and active. Animals love to explore the territory, therefore, they would not ignore either the rumble of dishes in the kitchen or the newspaper forgotten on the table, etc. Representatives of this breed get along well with children but do not feel delighted with their constant stay in their company. Of course, the animal would not show aggression towards the child, but it would prefer to hide from sight as soon as the opportunity arises. They are real intellectuals, so they are easy to educate, even as playful kittens. Cornish Rexes are not prone to frequent and abundant shedding, so they get along well with people who suffer from wool allergies.

Are Curly Haired Cats Hypoallergenic?

what breed of cat has curly hair

Indeed, such breeds shed much less due to the absence of one of the hairs, but this does not serve as a 100% guarantee of hypoallergenic cats of curly hair.

What other benefits do you think it can be if you have a curly-haired pet and what name came up the most? Share in the comments!

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